Apartment bedroom ideas perfect for newlyweds


All newlyweds dream of having their dream home for the family they’re starting. However, owning a house can be financially challenging, and most newlyweds start with an apartment until they can finance a house. Apartments may not be the ultimate goal, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot spruce it up to make your new life as a married couple memorable. This article will tell you some fantastic ideas to turn your apartment bedroom into the perfect place to start your married life.

Romantic bedroom

Bedroom with large framed bed, carped and wooden beams
Used with permission of Millhaven Homes

Romance is the hallmark of newlyweds, so you want your bedroom to be as romantic as possible. Red is the colour associated with passion and romance, and you can try to incorporate this colour into your studio apartment layout. This doesn’t mean that you need to paint your bedroom red, though. You can use touches of red here and there to give your bedroom an air of romance, like having a red carpet or red throw pillows on your sofa. You can also use shades of red and other warm colours like peach, sienna, orange, or yellow.

Aside from using romantic colours, design your bedroom primarily for resting and romance. Avoid installing a TV set in your bedroom so it doesn’t become a distraction, and so you can prevent turning your bedroom into an entertainment room.

Proper temperature is also critical to maintaining a romantic environment, so install a climate control system if you can. Remember that a bedroom that’s too warm or too cold is both uncomfortable and not conducive to romance.

Create a gender-neutral bedroom

Bedroom with neutral colors with double bed
Used with permission of J Patryce Design, photography by Christian Harder

Being married means that you now make decisions for two people, and this includes your bedroom design, so choose a gender-neutral theme whenever possible. No matter how much you love lace, silk, and frills, remember that you are sharing a bedroom with your husband. For husbands, it is important to resist turning the bedroom into a man cave because your wife will be using it too.

You can use excellent gender-neutral colours for your bedroom walls, floor, and ceiling like white, grey, or beige because they are perfect bases and will work well with almost any other colour combination.

It is also an excellent idea to layer textures, so you have soft, smooth, and textured elements in your bedroom. This will help you strike a balance between a masculine and feminine bedroom design. An example is balancing the roughness of a hardwood bedside table with a potted indoor flowering plant.

His-and-hers storage options

Although your apartment, including your bedroom, is marital property, it is still necessary to ensure that both spouses have areas they can call their own. This will help reinforce the importance of individuality in married life. In designing your bedroom, be sure to allot separate storage spaces for you and your partner so you can still maintain a semblance of privacy. Individual storage spaces can help prevent personal items from getting mixed, leading to disagreements that are not great for your life as newlyweds.

It is also an excellent idea to have separate work areas if both are working from home or when you have to take care of some work during weekends. This can help prevent office documents from getting mixed, which can cause confusion. Separate work areas can also help ensure that the professional lives of both spouses will not suffer just because both are working at home.

Other than color schemes and textures, it’s important to consider sticking with a theme too. Whether you’re going for an industrial design or a shabby chic farmhouse decor, it’s best to work with something that’s gender-neutral as well.

Make your bedroom look roomier

Bedroom with table, mirror on the wall and baskets
Used with permission of Leo Designs CHICAGO

Most apartment bedrooms have limited space, but there are many ways to make your bedroom look bigger than it. I highly suggest that you consider the input from building designers so you can maximize the space of your apartment. Proper lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this effect, and having large windows can help draw in more natural light. Aside from making your bedroom look roomier, having more natural light can also help you save money because you can use electric lighting sparingly. If you don’t have room for large windows, you might want to consider installing a skylight as it lets in natural light too. As a bonus, a skylight can make your bedroom look elegant and add an element of romance as well.

Another trick you may want to utilize is large mirrors in your bedroom. Strategically positioning a large mirror near a light source like a lamp can cause light to bounce around and create an illusion of space.

Choosing your furniture wisely can also help make your bedroom roomier. Low pieces of furniture are excellent for small bedrooms because they can provide you with a straight line of sight that can make your bedroom look bigger.

Final thoughts

Living in an apartment is a great way to start your life as a newlywed until you can buy your house. Although apartments are smaller than houses, you can use the ideas outlined above so you can transform your apartment bedroom into the perfect haven for you and your spouse.

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