What Is the Best Artificial Grass For Residential?


Due to reasons such as irrigation and maintenance costs of natural grass and long and time-consuming maintenance, it is not possible to use it all the time and everywhere. For this reason,a new solution has been found thanks to technological developments: artificial grass.

Artificial grass, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, offers similar interaction with natural grass, especially on the carpet field. But it is used not only in the carpet field, but also in almost all areas of our lives. Especially the aesthetic appearance it gives to the space is preferred in residential, homes and workplaces, cafes and restaurants and in different places such as hotels. This type of grass is also known by names such as artificial turf and synthetic turf.

Artificial Grass

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Synthetic grass, also known as artificial grass, is a product that is produced as an alternative to natural grass and it almost does not require irrigation, has low maintenance costs and is long-lasting. Artificial turf requires much less cost than natural grass. With artificial turf, time and expense spent on the maintenance of the field are saved. It also contributes to nature due to the low use of water. Artificial grass provides much more opportunity to play games than natural turf and provides better performance than natural grass even in bad weather conditions. If artificial grass is taken care of regularly, it can have a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass offers many advantages when used properly. Let’s see them together!

  • It is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

Artificial grass, which requires very little maintenance, performs better than natural grass in all weather conditions. Natural grass can be difficult to maintain if the weather conditions are unfavorable. Ideal performance is achieved in adverse weather conditions in artificial turf.

  • It has low maintenance cost.

Although synthetic turf fields require a higher cost than natural turf in the initial construction phase, the total cost of synthetic turf is considerably lower than natural turf, considering the ideal performance of synthetic turf carpets for many years without changing.

  • It is a long-lasting product.

Synthetic grass is long-lasting. This is especially important for field investors. It can be used for many years after it is first made in addition to being easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Residential Artificial Grass

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While artificial grass is used in sports fields, one of its usage areas is landscaping and it is also used in garden, residential and roof landscaping, balconies and terraces, and recreation areas of cities.

If we focus on residential areas, we may say that artificial grass has been very popular for this purpose lately. Because of Covid-19, people couldn’t go out not to be infected so they wanted to create a lush and peaceful place in their living areas. For this reason, most of the people searched for a solution and they came across residential artificial grass. Today, this interest in synthetic turf continues to increase, it is rapidly increasing in decorative purposes as well as sportive use. The reason for this is that synthetic grass carpets have significant advantages over natural grass. Avengrass, leading artificial grass manufacturer at home and abroad, offers these advantages to their customers in the best way. If you work with this manufacturer, you may contact them immediately.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Carpet Compared to Natural Grass

  1. Artificial grass provides better performance in all weather conditions than natural grass.
  2. Its cost is lower than natural grass. Because it does not need any maintenance and at the same time, it saves water for the person using it.
  3. It has a long service life. Once you have this installation made, you can use it for many years. This is not the case with natural grass. Because natural grass is very affected by external factors.
  4. It does not require the use of pesticides or fertilizers.
  5. It saves water.

Because of these features, it would be much better for you to use residential artificial grass in your living areas. With quality artificial grass produced and installed by Avengrass, you may create a lush and peaceful environment for you and your loved ones!

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