A Guide to Creating a Wonderful Rustic Designed Space


Rustic designs are an excellent way to create an outdoor feeling in and even outside your home. Some of the popular designs are cottage, Tuscan, coastal and many more that have a rough, natural and aged look. Are you thinking of trying this style for your space? Well, this guide will cover some of the tips to create that fancy rustic designed space you have been craving for.

Revive your interior design

House with porch and outdoor funiture
Used with permission of Alice Lane

You can achieve magic with the interior of your house by giving it a warm, contemporary feel. For example, you can create a vintage fireplace and a wall in stacked stone. You can also create some creative art from reclaimed materials, including a vase of flowers or even a rattan chandelier.
Wood beams in the roof of your house will also give it a rustic farmhouse feel. They are also genuinely elegant and appealing to the eye. Wood beams in your roof will give a country feel and add the desired architectural flair to your home. When you install the wood beams in the kitchen, outside verandah, and the living room, you can attain that cool style to get your house looking super vintage.
A crafts-man style door should complete the home’s aesthetics. The wood entry door style provides a warm welcome into the home. You don’t have to pull off a massive project. Instead, you can replace your doors to create an effectively rustic feeling.
Tip: You can also add plants to create nice green space.

Use handmade rustic furniture

Used with permission of Blackband Design

Handmade furniture creates a natural theme in your house and creates a rustic feeling. It exudes simplicity and uniqueness in design and shape, giving you a break from modern furniture. The rustic furniture is designed to feel extremely comfortable. Get raw logs, boards, or even stone to create that extravagant rustic feel in your space. You can check out Chattanooga rustic home decor for some of the best furniture to help transform your space.
You can also go for reclaimed wood from a barn if you are a fan of DIY. It will give your home a natural look and authentic feel that translates to a rustic home. Putting it together on a wall will extend the outdoor country feeling inside your house. Besides, you can use reclaimed wood to make a masterful dining table that offers a mixed texture to your living room.

Get the lights right

Lighting plays a crucial role when creating a rustic feeling or decoration. You can incorporate in your lighting a lamp supported on a truck. They are a great way to enhance that rustic style in your interior and exterior space. Again, you can go for rustic style light fixtures that can create the desired environment and provide a feeling of simplicity.

Wrapping up

View of living room from hall
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Getting your house to feel rustic does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You just need to have ideas that, if implemented, will make it feel like you are in a natural relaxing space. Yes, using some rustic furniture like wooden logs for furniture and the likes will certainly give your space a natural countryside feeling. There are tons of excellent rustic design ideas on places like Pinterest. Just borrow some ideas and get creative!

Thanks to sweetmagnolias.net for consulting.


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