3 Common Electrician Myths Dispelled by Perth Electricians


You may have heard some unsavoury rumours regarding electricity and electrical systems. However, moving forward with any action based on a rumour can land you in hot water. 

If you’ve heard any funny business regarding electricity that you’re unsure about, we’re here to get the facts straight. These are the three most common myths dispelled by a real Perth electrician.

1. Rubber Objects Are Well-Insulated

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Rubber is in insulator; this is true. However, this doesn’t always mean that all rubber objects are well-insulated! It’s important to know the type of material you are dealing with.

Most rubber gloves or shoes are made of pure rubber. In fact, many of these items are combined with other materials to give them the strength that could actually be conductors. This means that they’ll do the exact opposite of what you intend!

2. Power Lines Are Always Insulated

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This can be one of the most deadly rumours of all. Although many power lines are indeed insulated, there is no guarantee that they all are.

Many people assume electrical power lines are insulated because birds don’t get electrocuted. This is because they aren’t touching the ground simultaneously. Humans, on the other hand, may not be as lucky!

3. Only Old Wiring Goes Bad

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Some people believe that only old wiring can go bad and become faulty. This is not true and could put you at risk for injury or a fire hazard.

Any type of wiring can go bad and become weak or dangerous. Wires can go bad because of rodents chewing on them or if they are overloaded. You should never assume that just because wires are new that it means they can’t become dangerous.

You should always approach all wiring with the same level of caution, regardless of age. This is important to ensure your safety.

Anytime you have questions regarding electricity, you should contact a professional electrician such as Hilton Electrical.

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