Why You Should Never DIY Plumbing Work


Most plumbing problems at home are because of the build-up of food that stays, grease accumulation, and chemical concentrations. Some blockages are due to dirt particles and strands of hair in the drain. In other cases, these problems are simple to diagnose and fix alone without needing any expertise. In the worst time, you may need Frisco Plumbing Services for professional cleaning or technical repairs.

Whether you are looking for common plumbing repairs or advanced camera sewer line inspections, Lex’s Plumbing has them all. They are available in our company. We do not want to put you at risk if you do plumbing work alone. That is why you should not DIY plumbing work to avoid more damage, costs, and unintentional results in your home or business.

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Not all DIY Plumbing is Risky

With a few basic types of equipment, the time, and some common sense, you can surely do a few plumbing repairs yourself, for example:

  • Replacing a tap
  • Plunging your sinks, toilets, or clogged drains
  • Flushing clogged drain pipes with hot water
  • Pouring soda, vinegar or baking soda solution or carbonated drinks to fix drain clogs

Doing some work yourself can be fulfilling, but you should still call a professional for tips to DIY properly. Having a routine performance inspection done on your drains can lessen the need for expert plumbing checks and repairs annually or twice a year. However, professionals should do plumbing problems to prevent more damage and possible injury.

Dangerous Plumbing Jobs that Require Professionals

Knowing how many plumbing tasks to give to the pros; because of the danger of injury or further costly damage makes you a good homeowner. Here are some plumbing jobs that professionals must do:

It may cause further damage

One reason to avoid DYing plumbing work is that it may cause more damage to your homes and may cost repairs. When you do not have a license or are well-knowledgeable about plumbing, you may end up causing more leaks. And it causes cracks in your pipes throughout your home or business property.

Lack of inspection tools

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Even if you think you are accustomed to traditional plumbing, you still do not have access to modern plumbing tools for inspection and repairs. Licensed plumbers are well-equipped with the proper equipment to do a thorough camera-based pipe and sewer line inspection. Without a comprehensive examination of damage, it becomes more challenging.

Underground Repair Jobs

Underground plumbing improvement jobs can also be hazardous when tried by a DIYer. In most situations, you may need specific plumbing tools to repair the problem. Besides, some jurisdictions have laws in their areas that demand individuals to communicate with local authorities before digging to prevent damaging underground infrastructure. A trained and expert plumber understands that permission is necessary to make sure that the underground plumbing job is managed correctly.

Not Recognizing the Full Extent of a Problem

Some problems might have many reasons. For instance, a drop in water pressure could be a manifestation of various leaks. If you repair one leak and your water pressure goes up, and your water bill goes down, you might not understand that you still have another leak creating your problems. The job of the plumber is to ensure to locate the unseen issues. They also need to understand the problem. Knowing it may not mean that they fixed the plumbing problems all the way.

Incomplete Business

A lot of homeowners do not know how to finish A DIY project. For instance, they may not harden a pipe accurately. Their job looks perfect, and you may not see noticeable leaks, but it does not mean you will not have any problems. Even a tiny drizzle could lead to mold, water damage, or higher water bills. It is a big problem when you notice it over time, like repairing pipes behind your washing machine or inside the wall.

Major plumbing and sewer line risks

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If you suspect damage to your home and business property, leave the inspection to the professionals. Tremendous damage might occur if you handle it on your own, so the assessment must come from experts who know the type of plumbing system that your house has.

Mold and dangerous chemical exposure

Another reason to avoid DIY plumbing work on your own is the possible growth of black molds. They can grow in any dark and moist, wet area where water is involved. When you neglect the damaged pipes, they might blast, break, have more damages, and the water has the opportunity to leak on the structure, then black mold begins to grow.

If you have respiratory issues, you might end up having trouble with your lungs.

Your Work May Not Be Up to Code

If you are working on repairs or setting up a new plumbing device, you may require getting a permit from the city. The sanction for not doing so could be a sum of fines and pay the redo of the whole job under it. You can indeed get away with not having a permit for a small project, but it will not help you when you want to sell your home. A home examination will show work that did not obtain a permit or did not obey any building codes. Then you will not be able to upsell your house until you fix the problem. Do not get baffled with extra bills in the long run, and let a professional get and do the job for you.

Invest in a Professional Team

Let the professionals do their job.

Once you know the basics of plumbing work, it is simpler to understand why you should not DIY plumbing yourself. If you are looking for traditional plumbing services or emergency plumbing needs, getting the right plumbing company and plumber in Frisco, TX, is possible with Lex’s Plumbing.

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