How to Sell Your House in Santa Ana, CA


If you’ve sold your home before or seen a loved one sell their house, you’ll understand the emotional challenge and the amount of time it takes before the closing. Sometimes, it feels like potential buyers are invading your privacy when they enter your residence, poke around, and open your cabinets and closets. 

Some buyers might even criticize your home and probably give you an offer far below what you believe your house is worth. As a homeowner in Santa Ana, CA, it’s disheartening seeing a property you put in the market remain there for weeks and even months unsold. 

Every homeowner or even real estate agent desires to sell off their house speedily when it’s on sale. Suppose you want to sell your house in Santa Ana, CA; we’ve outlined some top-notch tips to help make your property noticed. 

Employ the following tips if you intend to sell your house. You can also sell to cash buyers like PropertyEscape – we buy houses Santa Ana ca

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Prepare the House for Sale

Preparing your home for sale is the most crucial part of the home selling process. From decluttering to improving your curb appeal, ensure you’re committed to setting aside your sentiments and focusing more on maximizing your property’s marketability.  

Professional stagers can help you prepare your home for sale for an agreed fee. Be rest assured that the result will be dramatic if you can overlook the cost. Not only will your home appear larger due to the removal of nearly half of the furniture, but it’ll also appear more beautiful. 

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) says home staging can dramatically reduce the amount of time a property can stay on the market. Thus, staged homes sell 20 percent faster than non-staged homes. However, if you’re selling to PropertyEscape, you don’t need to stress yourself or pay professional stagers. We buy houses in California as-is. 

Analyze Your Market

While preparing your home for sale, ensure you analyze the real estate market to enable you to manage your expectations, price, and advertise your house appropriately. In the sellers’ market, you can get multiple bids even above your initial asking price. On the contrary, in a buyer’s market, you might have to discount your listing price. 

It’d help if you could obtain information on homes sold recently (comps) to get a ballpark price. Check for properties similar to yours in style, size, location, and age. Then, decide how much to sell your home. 

Sell to a Wholesaler

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Nearly 40 percent of real estate transactions in the country involve cash payment, meaning that the home purchase didn’t go through underwriting or banks. 

Selling to a wholesaler means they serve as a middle man to get cash buyers to buy your house. The wholesaler puts your home under contract and then flips it to a buyer without spending money on the property. 

One primary reason sellers flip their house to a wholesaler is because it’s faster than listing with a real estate agent. However, selling to a property buyer like PropertyEscape is the best option. At PropertyEscape, we buy houses in Santa Ana, CA, quickly and with cash.

Find the Top Realtor in Your Area

One way to sell your home in Santa Ana, CA, is through real estate agents. However, you need to do your due diligence and choose a realtor with considerable knowledge of the local real estate market in Santa Ana. 

According to NAR, there are about 2 million active real estate agents in the US, and approximately 1.35 million of them are licensed realtors. However, some home sellers have complained of realtors listing and forgetting their homes, which is why homeowners in Santa Ana, CA, prefer selling their properties to property buying companies like PropertyEscape. 

Transfer Your Mortgage to Another 

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Another way to sell your home in Santa Ana, CA, is to transfer your mortgage to another person. However, your mortgage will have to be assumable by the other person. It’d help to read out your mortgage document to discover how this works. 

Suppose your mortgage is assumable, then you’re in luck as you can even stay in your property and rent it out. Don’t forget that the new borrower needs to qualify for the mortgage, and it might be a daunting task. Thus, if you’re really in a hurry to sell your house, this option might not be fast enough for you. 

You’ll have to contact your bank to see if this option is feasible before looking for a person to assume the mortgage. All these protocols take time. Thus, it’d be best to sell to PropertyEscape. Everyone in California knows that we buy houses in Santa Ana, CA, for cash. 

Dramatically Reduce Your Price

While you can’t change your home’s location, you can change the price. Depending on the market, dramatically reducing your rate might increase your sales chances. While some people prefer removing the property from the MLS and relisting it, it doesn’t remove the fact that the number of days it has been on the market is still there. 

Therefore, rather than relisting it, simply reduce the price. The reduced price will be a motivating factor for buyers. Suppose this option doesn’t work for you; consider selling to us at PropertyEscape. At PropertyEscape, we buy homes for sale in Santa Ana, CA, with cash and for a great price. 

Consider a Short Sale

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Most people usually want to sell their homes fast when they’re underwater. In real estate, we call them distressed properties because their debt is often higher than the property’s value. 

Hence the equity is non-existent, and when you’re unable to get an income to pay your mortgage, you risk losing your property entirely. Suppose the bank threatened you with a foreclosure, you have some options to choose from, including asking the bank for a short sale. 

Short sales rely on the debt being more valuable than the property. However, it also depends on the lien holders agreeing to the short sales. Suppose you have three mortgages; they’ll have to agree to the short sale. Therefore, if you have one, your chances of short selling your home are better. 

Final Words

Selling a home is tasking. Thus, it’d be best to prepare yourself financially and mentally for different scenarios and various types of buyers. Your house may stay in the market longer than you expect,  particularly in a buyer’s market. However, if you can, consider reducing the price or work with realtors in Santa Ana, CA, to help you list and sell your property. 

Suppose you can’t find a buyer on time, even with the help of real estate agents, consider selling your house fast and for cash to PropertyEscape.

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