3 Reasons to Deal With Mosquitoes on Your Property


Mosquitoes are one of the most well-known blood-sucking pests in the world. With their annoying buzzing, itchy bites, and potential diseases, these little critters aren’t exactly welcome visitors. Mosquitoes can also be difficult to prevent, however, so it’s even more vital to understand how to get rid of mosquitoes when they show up. Here are three reasons to deal with mosquitoes on your property.

1. Mosquitoes Are Carriers for Diseases

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Mosquito females will keep mating, getting blood meals for their eggs, and laying those eggs, as long as it’s warm enough outside, and there is standing water to lay them in. In other words, when there isn’t enough standing water and warmth, mosquitoes aren’t suddenly breeding and seeking blood, and they are less of a problem. However, even if you never see that many, all it takes is one bite to potentially contract an infection.

Mosquito bites can spread potentially deadly diseases such as Zika or West Nile viruses, as well as maladies caused by several parasites. It’s not merely that mosquitoes can transmit such pathogens to a person; they’re one of the best transmitters compared to other pests. Mosquitoes are one of the largest carrier agents in the transmission of parasitic diseases.

2. Mosquitoes Can Ruin Your Yard

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Even after the barrage of rainstorms have finally end and the flooding is almost gone, you may find that you can’t go into the yard to do any work or play with your pets because the mosquito eggs have hatched.

In general, keeping mosquitoes out of indoor spaces is relatively simple, as it’s mainly a matter of access. Fly screens, leaving doors closed, and other common sense measures help. Are you thinking about planning something out on the porch or patio instead? Here are a few tips to keep mosquitoes out of the party:

  • Apply a light spray or coating of appropriate mosquito repellent.
  • Do whatever you’re doing in an enclosed area, such as behind a screen enclosure.
  • Wear loose, light-colored clothing that covers most of your body.
  • Try to go outside only during peak sunlight hours and work in sunlight, when it’s too hot for them.

3. Mosquitoes Are Often Unpreventable

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Pest control is often about prevention, leaving out no opportunity for pests to thrive. However, if it won’t stop raining, or you simply live somewhere with standing water most of the time, it’ll be difficult to prevent the bloom of new mosquitoes, making it more important to respond to the full bloom at the right time.

For instance, pest control Austin services can usually find more natural and lower-consequence forms of mosquito pest control, perfect for during or soon after the rainy season. It may be both more affordable, and more effective, to get occasional professional treatments after mosquitoes show up, rather than trying to endure them, prevent them, or deal with them on your own.

Mosquitoes are both annoying and potentially dangerous. So, if you can’t avoid them, keep yourself safe. If you are living in an area where mosquitoes are unbearable, it might be worth it to put aside the home remedies and contact pest control professionals.

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