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The rowing machine is definitely one to add to your gym routine, especially if you want to see definition in your body as soon as possible. The benefits of rowing are long-lasting if you use the machine enough – the main results will be a toned core and glute, improvement in posture, stamina and overall fitness and strength. You will see these results soon after you start rowing and it’s recommended you exercise in shorter bursts; it won’t take much to get you up and start on your rowing journey.

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Find the best rowing machine to suit you

If you’re looking to invest in a rowing machine of your own instead of going to the gym, this could be advantageous as you can use it whenever it’s convenient for you, and it will be in the comfort of your own home. Rowing is not only good for your physical health but also your mental health. There is a large selection of different rowing machines to choose from, so it’s worth researching a bit before investing in the rowing machine.

Work on your posture to avoid injury

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The last thing you want is to get injured on the rowing machine due to a bad posture. Make sure you push straight back when you’re rowing, if you feel like you’re lifting off the seat, this could mean you’re pushing up, not back. Focus on pushing your body right back and this will avoid any back injuries and make you row faster and steadier.

If rowing is done right, it can improve your posture, if you stay upright when you pull and make sure you aren’t slouching you will build muscle in your upper body and your lower body. It will not only work your legs but your arms as well.

Keep your elbows relaxed

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It can be tempting to squeeze your elbows in when you’re rowing, but you should keep them completely relaxed. Don’t lift them up to your sides or tuck them in, a natural angle is how they should stay. When you’re driving your legs back, make sure to keep your elbows straight, you can bend your arms when you have enough power in your legs.

Don’t grip too hard

No mistake many people make when rowing is gripping the handles with all their strength, this isn’t a good idea. Firstly, it can give you blisters on your palms and secondly, you will have achy forearms and want to give up quickly. Of course, you shouldn’t hold the handles lightly as this could be dangerous if you let go accidentally, but just don’t clutch them with all your might.

Find the right rowing machine for you and perfect your posture while on the machine and you will be on your way to getting a strong toned figure and a healthy mind. Know how to use your vowing machine and you will reap the benefits after using it only a few times!

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