How to hang pots and pans in a small kitchen?


There are various shapes of pots and pans available in the market for your convenience. But before purchasing them, you are always worried about the limited space in your kitchen. When working with a small kitchen, it becomes an extremely difficult task where to put things. Because working in the kitchen is necessary for everyone. So, the placement of things increases or decreases your convenience.

Instead of stacking all the cabinets with the pots and then rummaging through it and dropping depends on your feet is not a good idea at all. For this purpose, you can use intelligent hacks to get your kitchen organized smartly. You can also install a hanging pot rack.

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Hanging pots above the stove

Hanging the pots above the stove is a good option as you need to keep the things at your arm’s length. Things need to be accessible while you are working. So, for this purpose, you can get a pot hanging rack and install it at a regular length above the stove.

There are a few complications that you can understand before starting the installation process. As pots and pans are made up of steel ware, they tend to get hot due to the heat around the stove. Plus, the oil fumes emitting out from your food get stuck on those pans, which ultimately make them look old and deteriorate their quality.

Even if you are hanging your pots above your stove, keep in mind that the fumes emitted from your food are directed from some other path and do not get stick to your pans. Place the pots at some height from the stove so that they don’t absorb the heat directly from your stove and get hot.

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Using a pegboard

A pegboard is specially designed for the purpose of hanging your pots and pans. A pegboard is specially designed with a lot of nails and a hook attached to it, providing the space for hanging cutlery items and pans. It can be either fixed in a frame or can be hammered with your wall so that it becomes an open hanging space. 

This is good, especially if you like your pans to be hung in an open space for quick access to cooking ware. The good thing about pegboards is that it can be fixed in a very small place. It is like hanging the pans in your wall but without cracking it by hammering nails in it. 

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Using a hanging bar

A hanging bar is a metallic rod with metallic holders attached to it. These metallic holders can be fixed with anything with the help of a screw. All your plans and pots are attached with metallic hooks and then hung on that metal rod. This metallic rod can be fixed directly on a wall or the outer side of your cabinets. 

You can choose a longer or shorter metallic rod according to your needs and the place where you want to fix it. A hanging bar is mostly used for the pots and pans that you use repeatedly. Hang your relevant pots and pans with it for your convenience.

Using hanger hooks

You can also use hanger hooks for this process. Hanger hooks are metallic or plastic, depending upon your needs. There is a place for fixing the screw with the hanger hook. For this purpose, you can drill a hole in the wall and then fix the hanger hook with the help of a screw in the wall. 

Hang as many hooks as you need in the kitchen. Hanger hooks are also available with the sticking side in them. You just need to peel off the rubber from the stick inside and then stick the hanger hook with the cabinet. Most of the hanger hooks are made to be stuck on the oily or porous wooden surface.

Roof pot hanging mast

In case you have all the cabinets installed throughout your kitchen walls, you can try a roof wall hanging mast. A roof pot hanging mast has a wooden plank attached with hooks and chains. The chains are connected with the roof, and the wooden plank is hung through it. At the lower corner of the wooden mast, many hooks are attached, which provides space for hanging the pots and pans.

The purpose of the chain attached with it is to increase or decrease the length according to your height. It also looks classy as well as provides you with the maximum space for hanging your pots and pans.

Cabinet pot hangers

A cabinet is generally made up of wooden shelves to place things on it. Mostly there is a lot of space in a big cabinet left on the upper side. So why not think of utilizing it. If you are very careful about keeping your outer space clean, then you can use the cabinet for making your pan holders.

Attach the metallic hooks in the inner side of the cabinet at the upper corner. Then hang your pans and pots in there. You can place your cutlery items on the shelf and hang your pots above them in the cabinet. It would give you more space while keeping your pans in a closed area.

Using a pan pullout hanger

If you are tired of rummaging through your cabinets to find the pans and pots. And hanging pot hangers are also frustrating you with your hands and keep banging them while you put a pan out. So, you can try using a pan pullout hanger.

A pullout hanger is made up of a wooden base with metallic hooks attached at one end and a runner attached at the other. You have all your pans hung on it, and you can simply drag the wooden hanger out to get your desired pan. A pull-out hanger is easily installed on the inner side of the cabinet.


These are some ideas to help you hang your pots and pans in the kitchen if you have less storage space. Thanks to The Wind Up Space for consulting.


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