Types of interior doors for a more beautiful home


Interior design can seem a fickle business. This year’s passé is last year’s hottest property, so keeping on top of the trends can seem an exhausting business. However, if you make sure that you pick and choose your fashions wisely, you might come to realise that they do not change quite as much as you think. Take Italian design, for example. Whether it is classical design with the perfect details and flourishes, or modern, with perfectly clean lines, it never goes out of style. So if you choose foundational elements that are fundamentally tasteful like italian internal doors, you will never have to swap them out, and they will only grow more beautiful with age.

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While it is always important to stay true to what you love in your home, many of us do want to have a place to feel proud of. One that is stylish, one even that others might envy. There are many ways to achieve this and many different areas to focus on, and one that may not spring immediately to mind is your interior doors. 

Doors impact the overall look of the home, whether it is because they are tatty and old looking, super stylish and modern, in keeping with the period in which it was built. Doors allow light to pass throughout thanks to glazing, or simply because they are contemporary and neutral and blend harmoniously in. 

These days, there are so many types available, high quality and reasonable in cost, especially thanks to online retailers that you can even get them in a colour to suit the themes of your rooms. Let’s take a look and sift some of the colours which are trending for doors right now: 

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White – although not technically a colour, this is still a key ‘colour’ for doors thanks to its neutrality. White goes with almost anything so can be used in a variety of ways. 

Grey – the grey colour scheme which has been popular in recent years still has a good deal of gravitas and having internal doors in this colour takes it up a notch. Ultra-modern, charcoal grey interior doors will really make your home look super stylish and up to date. 

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‘Wood’ – ok, again not a colour, but showing the actual essence of the material your doors are made from, will make the place look a lot more rustic and natural. This can lend a traditional feel, or contemporary, depending on how you implement it and can even look highly luxurious if you choose a wood such as oak. 

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Glass – this is an extremely wise choice if you love natural light and it is sparse in your home. It is also on the up and up popularity-wise. It’s been in the background for some time thanks to the minimal movement which have sleek furnishings, but the material now has its own gravitas. Frosted, clear, or etched – all of them will work in different rooms in different ways, and your doors can really make a statement. 

The days of your doors playing second fiddle to your interior design are over, thanks to the incredible range which is now available. So why not try something new and more daring? Thanks to COCIF for consulting.


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