How to Design Your Office and Increase Productivity


Sure enough, your latest business strategy will work but have you also thought of optimizing your office space to increase productivity. But what does office design have to do with productivity? Do the two even relate?

The best office design should look like most Cool Office Spaces in Jupiter and account for all factors that affect employee productivity. Research has shown that the office environment directly impacts employee behavior and overall productivity at the workplace.

Vintage-designed office with desk, chair, and painting on the wall
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When you are juggling between upcoming board meetings and deadlines, strict budgets, and ever nearing deadlines, you may find yourself forgetting about office space design.

All is not yet lost, be sure to check these tips when planning your next office upgrade to ensure it is optimized for productivity.

Top Office Design Tips to Improve Productivity

Display your brand’s Mission, Vision and Core Values

You want your employees to remember why they are at the office. This can be easily achieved by making prints of your company’s mission statement, vision, and core values.

If you are your own boss, you might want to do the same with some inspiring quotes on the walls to keep you focused and on track.

Home office desk
Used with permission of Kerry Spears, Nathan Schroeder and Kelli Boyd Photography

Make use of natural lighting

Poor office space lighting can lead to eyestrains. Research has shown that good office lighting can help in creating a vibrant and productive environment.

Ensure your office makes use of natural light as much as possible. Sunlight is known to contain Vitamin D, which is connected to body alertness and motivation.

Use the magic of color

Ever heard of color psychology? – It is the science that explains how different colors make us feel when they are in abundance around us.

Blue and white are neutral colors linked to cheering up, while green is related to thoughts and creativity. Pink is calming, and some researches suggest it can be used to curb aggressive behavior.

Red is known to spike up spirits and give an energy boost, although that comes with aggressiveness, not something you want.

Yellow is a ‘’juice color” which promotes happiness and is common for celebrations.

When choosing a color theme for your office space, an obvious choice would be to go with your brand colors. While that may work just fine, why not juice it up by finding a perfect blend that will also keep your employees in high spirits.

Home office shelf
Used with permission of Kerry Spears, Nathan Schroeder and Kelli Boyd Photography

Bring the outside in with indoor plants

Who doesn’t love nature? Bringing indoor plants to your workplace is a potent way to improve productivity, unfortunately many offices haven’t employed this.

Plants improve air circulation by absorbing Carbon (IV) Oxide from the atmosphere; plants also reduce stress and reduces noise.

Control the noise levels

Noise is just both hands up the most common office distractor and it can lead to a drop in productivity at the workplace.

Too much noise has been linked with high stress levels, eardrum complications, lower job morale, and other negative effects. Consider installing a sound masking system or if you have a small team, getting them noise-canceling headphones will work the task.

Install inspiring wall art

Having wall art in the office is a great way to improve your team’s productivity. Wall art enhances the beauty and also gives a feeling of pride to those who work near it.

You may need to ask your team members their best quotes and artists and get them printed if you want them to feel more included.

Office with desk, chairs and plants
Used with permission of Kerry Spears, Nathan Schroeder and Kelli Boyd Photography

Office Design – FAQs

Closed cubicles or open office?

If you have different departments that work with some privacy, you might need to go with closed cubicles, just make sure they are comfortable enough not to feel like isolation centers.

If you believe in collaboration and sharing ideas, then an open office is the best plan for you. Keep a reasonable distance between individual workplaces to reduce the feeling of pressure and close monitoring.

Should the boss mix with others or have a separate office?

Having the boss sit with other employees gives them a sense of togetherness and not looked down upon. Although it may seem like an old-school dictatorship session, the boss is also human and wants to tell how they spent their weekend.

Improve employee productivity through office design

Whether closed cubicles or open office plan, designing your office space with these ultimate tips will ensure employees are cheered up and more productive than before. Thanks to for consulting.


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