12 Mistakes You Probably Made When Decorating Your Master Bathroom


The master bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. You assumedly go there right after getting up, meaning how it looks could influence your mood for the day. Does it look even half as good as it should, or did poor decorating decisions turn it into a fairly blah space? These are some unfortunately common mistakes when decorating a master bathroom.

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1. Door Damage

Your master bathroom’s quality could be greatly harmed by the kind of door you have. At first, everything can seem fine. However, each time you open the door, it could collide with your sink or another important part of your bathroom. This kind of decay can be avoided by refitting your bathroom with a sliding door.

2. Cement Tiles

Although cement tiles are definitely popular for bathrooms, they aren’t exactly the best look. They only really look good when first installed. After a while, they’re prone to staining and can make even the newest master bathrooms look aged. Get rid of these if you want to be a reputable bathroom keeper.

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3. Carpeting

If there’s a good argument for carpeting a bathroom, we haven’t heard it yet. Sure, it can feel nice to feel soft material under your feet when you wake up. However, you can accomplish that with a nice bathroom rug. All carpet does is give spilled items a place to fester. It makes as much sense as carpeting a kitchen, and there’s a reason you’ve never seen that.

4. Carved Mirror

At this point, a heavily carved mirror is really only good for pretending you’re the evil queen in “Snow White.” They’re far-too fussy looking and can make your master bathroom look really out of time. Additionally, all of their spots make them an ideal landing place for dust. Get yourself a simple mirror that matches the rest of your bathroom decor and which doesn’t take forever to clean.

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5. Shoddy Shower

Taking a shower is a ritual that can set the tone for the rest of your day. Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with a cramped shower with an improperly placed showerhead, your day is likely to begin on a sour note. Correct this issue by installing a high-quality Kohler Luxstone shower.

6. Floating Sink

Floating sinks are championed on the basis that they provide more room. However, what they really do is just make it seem like your bathroom is more spacious when it’s actually not. Although a master bathroom might have room for a floating sink, it’s not giving you any real advantage and should be uninstalled in favor of a more traditional model.

7. Lighting Indifference

You can have a specific plan for your bathroom lighting and still suffer from indifference. Some people treat lighting as an afterthought and rob themselves of the comforting ambiance needed for a relaxing bath. Others go too extreme, put in elaborate fixtures without proper regard for what’s safe. Speak with an electrician to make sure any lighting plans are sound.

8. Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles aren’t the worst thing to put in your bathroom. However, they’ve arguably run their course. They can look very busy, turning a trip to the bathroom into a bit of a headache. Simple designs, like matte tiles, are a lot more appealing and can give your bathroom a more modern like.

9. Poor Bathtub Faucet Placement

There’s a difference between making a statement and just being careless. For instance, having your bathtub faucet in the middle of the wall above your tub can have people saying “Wow.” Unfortunately, they might also be saying “Ow,” such as when they bang their knee against in when taking a shower. This can also be very dangerous if you have kids. They could knock their heads against it and get seriously hurt.

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10. Color Conflicts

You need the right mix of colors to properly decorate your master bathroom. We advise you to not rely on just one color, even if you’re using different shades to create a feeling of balance. A neutral design, with colors like tan and beige, can be a simple solution. Spread these colors out with care, and don’t let your master bathroom look dreary when it needs to look calming.

11. Going Too Gimmicky

The hot new look for bathrooms this year can become the passé look of tomorrow. There’s no telling what the next bathroom decorating trends will be, which is why it’s best to go slow. Most of what needs to be changed are things that were deemed trendy years ago, only to be later viewed as tacky or impractical. Keep your attention on what’s classic and tasteful. If you have enough design experience, you can usually catch what’s bound to go out of fashion by next Christmas.

12. Not Seeking Outside Advice

A second opinion is always worthwhile, even if you’re confident in your decorating decisions. Don’t just ask a friend, as they might lack the necessary design knowledge to know what will and won’t work. Speak to people you don’t know, like members of an interior design Facebook group. Talk about your plans and ask if you think they’re feasible. Be prepared for some negative responses and decide from there whether you want to stick with your current plan or revise it.

Decorating a master bathroom is an affordable luxury that all homeowners should take seriously. You could be in Houston, New Orleans, or Boston, and proper bathroom decorating would be equally important. Do everything possible to bring your bathroom into the modern age and keep it there Thanks to MaxHome for consulting


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