What Makes RV Mattress Different from Regular Mattress


The bed is associated with being a stationary piece of furniture that belongs in the bedroom. But some people like to take their bed along with them wherever they go. They are the RV enthusiasts, who won’t be satisfied with getting the same view out of their window every time.

For such situations, a regular household mattress just will not cut it. To meet the demands of the RV life, a special RV mattress is available. Manufacturers of mattresses have created a specialized product that differs from regular mattresses in many ways. Here, they are:

Sandy Pines Campground, Kennebunkport, Maine.


RV Mattresses are created with weight reduction in mind. Hauling along a heavy mattress will add to the overall weight of an RV, thus reducing fuel economy and making the journey difficult and expensive. The weight will also affect the weight limits of the vehicle as set by law.

In the long run, the extra weight will have a detrimental impact on the vehicle/trailer’s overall condition and add to its maintenance cost. This is more so if it’s driven on bumpy roads, which tends to happen often.

Lack of Standard Size

Mattresses are available in King, Queen, Double, Single, etc. They will be of standard measurements. RV mattresses vary greatly in size, with set standards. There are many sizes available that are designed to fit into the different sizes of different RV’s. They can even be customized if you can’t find a readymade one that suits your particular needs.

Attempts to universalize sizes have given rise to sizes like three quarter queen (48*75 in), queen short (60*75 in), and a king-size slightly different from regular king-size at 72 in.

Easy On the Pocket

An RV life is not necessarily a rich one. Many low-income people choose to live in an RV park, for instance. This market demands that the RV mattress should be easy to afford. RV mattresses tend to be cheaper than their household cousins.

There are options on the higher end as well for those who can afford it. They are the luxury type who can get household mattress features in their RV mattresses. These can cost thousands and not be any different than the one they have at home.

Material Difference

It goes along with the fact that a cheaper mattress will not have the same stuff as a premium one. RV mattresses skip on the high flying ingredients like gel-based memory foam to keep the costs down while still offering reasonable comfort. This, of course, doesn’t apply to luxury RV mattresses.

The regular foam makes up most of the mattresses in this space. The thickness and durability might vary according to the price range. Comfort can be increased by using memory foam toppers and an egg-crate mattress pad. The right pillows and high thread count covers will also enhance comfort by a respectable margin.

For those who like to be on the move and not settle down in a spot, a symbol of stillness like a bed might not be a comforting thing. An RV mattress should comfort them either way and get them ready for the next leg of their journey. Thanks to Dynasty Mattress for collaborating.


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