Wood Flooring Trends For Every Room


Wood flooring is a timeless design feature that goes back centuries. The very first examples were found in colonial American homes, where thick planks were cut out of ancient trees. Decorative flourishes followed closely behind in the 18th and 19th century. Painted patterns and glossy coatings became the order of the day, long before new tools made parquet patterns possible. You would be forgiven for thinking wood flooring’s possibilities had been exhausted by the 21st century, but engineered options opened the material to a host of new stains and styles. This year’s wood flooring has broken free of its natural palette and old-fashioned layouts. There is now an aesthetic for every room.


The Living Room

The floor of your living area is probably the most important design feature of the entire home. It decorates the room you spend most of your time in and unifies the palette and style of the entire space. Engineered wood has crept into design magazines all over the world this year, but don’t expect to see any old-fashioned oak hues. This year’s flooring resides in the extremes: Extreme dark and light hues are on trend. Even black stains can bring your room a fashion-forward, crisp accent. If your living room is spacious, the layout of your wooden flooring can help improve your aesthetic. Diagonal and parquet flooring can shorten and fill the area.

living room

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so its floors take a beating. Engineered wood flooring is up to the task, though. It can last many years before showing signs of wear. Most homes incorporate the kitchen into the living space as far as possible to enhance the floor’s expansiveness, but if yours has its own room, you are free to give the flooring its own unique style. Hand scraped, wire brushed and distressed wood adds to the charm of a rustic kitchen. Engineered wood can be laid in over-sized planks, and there are few better rooms for them than this one. They will undoubtedly make your kitchen look more spacious.


The Bathroom

A spa-inspired bathroom works well with a pearl-like sheen. Satin finish wood flooring will bring a sense of sophistication to the space. If you’re working with a cool palette, a grey or white stain will bring your colours together beautifully.

The Bedroom

Every bedroom deserves its own aesthetic, but the main bedroom’s size and prominence deserve special attention. Blonde, honey or grey wood flooring will fill the space with light while adding an accent to your darker furnishings. If you are working with a spacious bedroom, you can use herringbone or parquet patterns to fill up the space better. Diagonal flooring is everywhere this year, and if you choose an oiled or high variation stain, it will make a large space seem smaller.

Children’s bedrooms are often the brightest rooms in the home, and why wouldn’t they be? Bright hues and primary shades are difficult to match with classic wood, but engineered alternatives have many colour talents. A bright room needs a neutral floor, so stay away from oak, cherry, or other exotic woods in favour of whitewashed or chocolate.

Bedrooms are supposed to be cosy and warm, and that’s where your flooring’s texture comes in. A satin finish won’t do much for your sense of comfort, but a matt herringbone texture will feel just right when you climb into bed after a tough day. Remember that engineered wood can be sanded down and refinished, so your choice is far from final.


Final Thoughts

There’s a wooden floor for every space in the house, so let your imagination run wild. Decorating is supposed to be fun, after all. Do not forget to express your personality, though. That is the most original thing you have to bring to your interior.


Author Bio: This article was written by Martin O’Callaghan of Wood Flooring Ireland. Martin has over two decades experience helping homeowners pick the perfect wood flooring for their home.



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