Kitchen Remodels with International Themes in Los Angeles


If you’ve grown tired of preparing and cooking in your kitchen, it’s probably not because of the strenuous job because working in kitchens is a fun thing to do.

Consider remodeling the kitchen to something that can make it worthy of daily Instagram stories and posts. What’s a better way than to fashion it after international designs that are timeless and worthy investments that can also help add value to your home should you choose to resell it in the future.

Finding the right international themes can be hard but we compiled the trending designs for kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles that will make your kitchen the envy of your friends and family.

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  • Sweden: Royal Kitchen

You may think that the first on this list is from Sweden? Yes, little did we know, Sweden has more influence in our daily lives than we know it. If you like minimalism, then this country is one of the purveyors of that principle.

They are also widely known for clean aesthetics. Adapting this can be as simple as using monochromatic designs and open cabinets. Make your kitchen grand by simplifying it a lot.

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  • Japan: Form, Function, and Beauty

Another country in the world that is well known for simple and effective design aesthetics is the Land of the Rising Sun. The simple and effective designs that make it what it is will blow anyone away.

Choose the right equipment and stick with one that can fulfill a variety of functions. This will not just make your kitchen a lot more attractive, it will also make everything more efficient and utilized.

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  • UK: Industrial Inspiration

If you want your home to have a no-nonsense appeal and make everything work in the kitchen, look to the UK where the best kitchens are made. Their passion and love for cooking will turn your kitchen to an awesome space.

To achieve this effect, use elements like concrete, exposed brick, and stone to get a good unfinished design in your kitchen renovation. Pay homage to industrial design by stripping everything to bare bones.

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  • Germany: Sleek Narratives

Take your kitchen to the next level by utilizing the precision and genius of German design. You will find that you have a much cleaner and sleek looking kitchen when you utilize this theme.

Germany is known for unique, bold, and timeless designs. So make sure to use these elements when remodeling your kitchen. Choose great materials like granite, glass, and marble to achieve a full German effect.

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  • Australia: Your Home Anywhere

When you think of the Land Down Under, you think of cozy days and easy-going designs that make you want to lounge around with a cold drink in hand. That’s the allure of this design and you better not keep this off your list as it makes for the best choices of kitchen designs hands down.

To get this effect, pick out natural ocean-colored tones and include some materials like timber to achieve a full-beach effect.

Your kitchen should be inspiring so that you can cook up awesome dishes and eat with your family with full gusto and enjoyment. There’s no limit to what you can do so just go with what makes you feel happy. Thanks to H&A My Design for consulting!

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