4 Aspects to Contemplate in a Staircase Design for a Modern Home in the UK


Apart from the staircase letting you access rooms on floors, it is easy to accessorize. An elegant design in stairs brings together creativity and innovation. The trends evolve in construction style and items used. Stair parts can play a big part in transforming your house into a modern home.

Combining the right stair parts will give a fresh taste. It will revolutionize the standard architectural design. The design can match other décor in the house. Attractive spindles, handrails, mouldings, brackets, posts, panels, bases, and caps are common.

The components of a modern staircase seek to give comfort and durability. It enhances the experience while navigating through your home. The choice of model and composition of parts depends on domestic or commercial needs.

We will discuss things to think about as one looks to give the staircase a modern outlook;

i. Space

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Sandra Fox Interiors.

Each space that a stair occupies can develop its unique design. A straight or spiral staircase will make use of treads, handrails, and newel posts. Expanding the surface area that a staircase occupies is not a must.

The newel posts will hold the rails at the bottom and top of the stairs. A glass panel with metallic spindles can fit well in a commercial building. It will enhance the professional outlook of the premises. Wooden spindles are good for homes and hotels. The home décor can match well with the spindles as they offer safety against children falling off stairs.

ii. Budget

Design by Sandra Fox Interiors.

The style and material to use for your modern staircase will depend on the budget. While stair cladding, the risers, steps, and caps on the edges give the outlook, there are a variety of materials to use for wooden steps, risers, and caps. The components can make use of mahogany, Walnut, White Oak, or Pine.

Other materials that develop the stair parts include metal, glass, or timber. Make the point to discuss the budget with an expert in home decors. S/he will get you what you want according to preferences and budget.

Design by Sandra Fox Interiors.

iii. Safety Precautions

The people using a staircase should be able to navigate up and down with ease. Safety is essential for the elderly and children when using the stairs. While installing the handrails, give enough width allowance according to the building regulations.

A landing space will reduce the steepness of the stairs. It helps those with medical and mobility challenges.

iv. Design and Material to Use

There are different techniques to use when getting the design to use for your staircase. Timber, marble, steel, aluminium, and concrete are common materials to use. The design can incorporate two types of materials according to what works for you.

The Newel stair caps, newel post caps, bases, mouldings, and brackets will give the room an elegant look.


A well-thought staircase plan enables a prospective customer to get the ultimate customer experience. Modern homes use the space under a staircase for storage. Creativity in developing the partition will depend on the design and finishing. Stair parts are durable for both indoor and outdoor housing plans. Thanks to George Quinn for contributing


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