Reside in Heaven: 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozy


Are you looking to make your bedroom more inviting and comforting? Then read on to learn how to make your room cozy here.

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About 30% of the US adult population suffers from short term insomnia, with 10% of them suffering from chronic insomnia. A large percentage of these people are at an increased risk of other medical disorders, including pain conditions. Whether you are in that category or have other sleep problems, never underestimate the importance of your sleep environment.

It may seem inconsequential, but where you sleep has a major impact on how you sleep. For this reason, you need to learn how to make your room cozy and a haven for yourself. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house because this is where you unwind, relax, rest, and get some quality time with your loved one.

While your bedroom can be anything from a home to your bed to the one room in the house that shows your personality, the one thing it should always be is cozy. In this post, we’ll guide you through all the tips and tricks you need to make your room cozy and help you get better sleep.

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1. Pick a Peaceful Palette

If there is something that could give you a cozy bedroom, it’s a peaceful color palette. Think about soothing and calming when choosing colors and textures. Generally, vibrant and bright popping colors make a room pretty, but quite far from cozy. Bold graphic patterns don’t do so well in a bedroom either.

Since you want to know how to make your room cozier, go for warm colors that create a calm and tranquil space. If you want patterns, go for smaller intimate ones and choose rich and sensuous textures.

Think in the lines of faux fur and quilted throws or comfortable knits, all of which should be in neutral colors. All these soft elements will give you the cozy, welcoming feel you desire.

2. Add Area Rugs

Is there anything that shouts cozy more than area rugs? When you wake up, the first thing your feet touch should be a warm and cozy, soft, and warm surface.

While you may opt for a carpet, an area rug will do just fine and add that extra oomph of texture you need. Shag or sheepskin rugs are usually perfect for this.

3. Create Ambience With Lighting

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To create a cozy bedroom, you need lighting, but not just any kind. Your cozy space needs low lighting because having bright, harsh lights shining on you while you rest is not the ideal bedroom setting. Cozy translates to calm, and the key to an intimate bedroom is low light.

The trick here is to incorporate different sources of light from strategically mounting ceiling lights, soft bedside lamps, and some wall lights to add drama. The best possible light for your bedroom is natural light.

4. Cover Your Bedroom Windows

While natural light is great, for that cozy feeling in your bedroom, you’ll want to cover your windows. They could prevent you from having that tremendous snuggly and comfortable feel, so avoid skimping on window treatments. Avoid dramatic patterns when choosing curtains as they will dominate the room and create an imbalance.

5. Leave Tech Out of It

It’s almost impossible now to live in a space without technology as it has dominated all aspects of our lives. If possible, make your bedroom a no-tech space and if you must, take only your smartphone or iPod with you to your bedroom and make a low-tech zone. Transform your room into a reading nook and add some books and other natural elements like flowers to make it truly cozy and releasing.

6. Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

There is nothing in your bedroom that will be more inviting and cozier than pillows. You can never go wrong with more pillows. With the right number of pillows, your bed will be begging to be jumped on, so go for as many as you can to make your room look both great and comfortable.

Besides, pillows can contribute to a great night’s sleep and help you sleep better. Apart from having a cozy bedroom, the right bedding and sleeping position contributes a great deal to the amount of sleep you get. You should look into this sleep position guide to get an idea of how to maximize your sleeping time.

Pillows are also perfect for decorating your room, especially if you get those cute covers that go well with your palette, theme, and beddings.

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7. Layer Sumptuously

If you want to create an interesting look without using bold colors or patterns, you can easily achieve that with tactile elements. Layering will make your bedroom look amazingly cozy. Use linen, knits, faux fur, and textured fabrics with different hues to give your room a nice symmetrical, but cozy look.

8. Go Green

Do you have a green thumb? This is your time to shine by bringing the outdoors indoors and finding the best bedroom plants available. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, many low maintenance plants are easy to manage, and they bring that nice and fresh air into your room.

Plantlife will make your bedroom look and feel cozy as well, and you can practically place them anywhere. Whether you choose ferns or succulents, having that green element in your room will complete the cozy look for you.

9. Cozy up With a Fire

If you could possibly have a functioning fireplace in your bedroom, it would be the ultimate cozy element. Cozy and warm go hand in hand, and having a fireplace will give you the ultimate feeling.

Now, we understand a functioning fireplace may not be practical for everyone.

If you don’t have one, create a mantel and use candles and trinkets to give your room that intimate feel you want. Candles are always a great element to add to a room, and they offer a lovely romantic ambiance as well. Win-Win.

10. Add a Personal Touch

After all, this is your room and happy place, so highlight your favorite memories to make the room unique. If you love to travel, showcase any memorable gifts you brought home with you. Enliven your walls, photographs, motifs, and wallpaper to deliver just the right amount of color.

How to Make Your Room Cozy: The Best Cozy Bedroom Decor Tips

There you have it! Now you know how to make your room cozy. These are some of the best tips for your cozy bedroom decor, and you should run with it to create an intimate haven for yourself.

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