How to Maintain a Clean Living Environment at Home in 2020


Recent world events have placed a new focus on how we manage our homes. All of a sudden shopping lists have new items on them, such as ‘sanitiser’ and ‘wet wipes’, and you may have learnt a few new habits and use words like ‘pandemic’. But it’s not all bad news we think.

The amount of media coverage on clean living—and working—may motivate many people to learn better habits. And the ripple effect can be cleaner environments. From sanitizing hands to learning how to get rid of mice, clean living can have a positive effect on many people who have been oblivious to what they’re exposing themselves to.

It’s well known that dust, pests and other factors can affect people’s health—whether there’s a pandemic or not. So, add these guidelines to your to do list at home to make sure you prevent as many health problems as possible, now AND in future.


Manage Moisture Better

If you’re wondering where the bugs lurk, the answer is usually related to moisture. A warm, damp space is the perfect place for mould to grow and that plays a large role when it comes to people’s allergies.

To prevent this problem in your home you need to keep humidity low. A particular problem area is of course your bathroom but there’s an easy fix: simply run a fan in the area for a few minutes after you’ve had a shower. You can also invest in dehumidifiers—luckily there’s a lot of tech you can use these days to create a cleaner home space.

Air it Out

The thought of a virus in the air can make you feel apprehensive about breathing in air but it’s actually important to keep your home ventilated. You need fresh air from the outside and you should expose your immune system to a certain amount of germs so your body can fight off bacteria and other intruders.

To keep your home clean while also regulating oxygen levels in the home, use some of the following:

  • Exhaust fans in bathrooms to remove damp air
  • Stove exhaust fans so oily, contaminated air won’t linger in the home
  • Ventilators to ensure there’s always fresh air inside

Be Pro-active About Pests

You don’t always see them but listen closely and look for their waste and you’re bound to realise there’s a pest or two on your premises. Some of the most common pests Australians need to look out for are:

  • Spiders
  • Bedbugs
  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants

These critters can affect your health because their waste can spark allergic reactions. Also, you run the risk of them contaminating food or a spider biting someone. In addition, they can cause deterioration of your home when rats, termites and other pests make their homes inside your walls or roof. Now you have more than one reason to learn how to get rid of rats, other rodents and insects.

You can try a range of natural methods or call in the pros. The benefit of the latter is that the experts know how to remove the source of the problem such as the bees’ nest itself. This minimises the chances of them returning.

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Counter the Chaos

One of the reasons you may not notice pests at first is that your own clutter serves as their hiding places. What if you’ll have to learn how to get rid of mice simply because your attic is filled with boxes of household items that you’ll never use again? This gives them ample places to live and build their nests. Rather keep your storage places organised so you can easily notice when a critter leaves behind bite marks or waste.

Also use a minimalist approach and keep your kitchen counters clear of clutter. You’ll notice a cockroach or mouse’s waste easily after they made a visit to your food cupboard. Then you can call in pest control before the problem escalates, improving your chances of living pest free in future.

Capture Contaminants

The goal for clean living is to keep the clean in and the dirty out. So, make it easy for anyone using your house to keep dust and contaminants outside. Something as simple as a proper entry mat is a wise investment. Pets and people won’t bring in as much mud, dust, polluted soil, pesticide or other particles because it’s all trapped on a washable surface. 

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Last Words

The COVID-19 scenario as well as other epidemics in history have shown humanity that we’re not invincible. But we’re not defeated either. We simply need to find a new balance to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Use these tips to give you peace of mind that you’re maintaining a clean living environment and share more ideas with us if you have any. Thanks to Dawsons Pest for consulting!


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