6 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Let’s face it, we all want ultra-modern bathrooms that serve as our own home spa and relaxation spot after a busy day. A gorgeously designed bathroom really has the potential to be your favorite room in your home.   On the other hand, upgrading your bathroom is one of the major home projects that can help you increase the value of your home. This is especially true if you’re planning to sell or rent out your home in the near future, as it is a surefire way of bargaining a better price. When talking about modern bathroom designs, different things will cross people’s minds. However, modern bathroom design will always be centered on some common concepts. These usually include geometrical shapes, minimal colors, natural materials, freestanding tubs, walk-in showers, and clean lines. If you plan on remodeling your bathroom, whether large or small, these modern design ideas can help turn your space into a luxurious, fresh sanctuary, perfect for your comfort.
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Open Showers

One common feature in modern-style bathrooms is open space. This is usually achieved by incorporating the “wet room” design with an optional glass-enclosed shower area. A wet room is typically a tanked or waterproofed bathroom design, in which the shower area and the entire floor, are at the same level. The tanked design means that both the walls and floors are sealed with a waterproof membrane that stops water from leaking out. The floors of a wet room have a sloping design that guides the water to the drain area where it can join the wastewater system. Your wet room can have a completely open design, although some people may opt for a glass-enclosed shower area to prevent the splashing of water away from the shower space. But how much does wet room installation cost? Depending on the size, the cost will vary. On average, the cost of installing a wet room is £8,000. This also largely depends on the different parts of the installation from tanking the bathroom to prevent water leaks, to sinking and tiling the pipes. 
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However, the benefits that come with installing a wet room always outweigh the cost. Some of these benefits include:
  •  Accessibility: Most wet room designs are quite friendly to people with movement restrictions such as the disabled and elderly. For instance, there is no installation of shower trays, which makes access to the shower area much easier.
  • Ultra stylish: More and more homeowners are now opting for these ultra-sleek, fashionable, open designs, which also offer the impression of larger space and pure luxury feeling. 
  •  Fresh and sparkling clean: Unlike in traditional bathrooms, cleaning, and maintenance of a wet room is much easier with the presence of the clean lines.
  • Superior design flexibility: Wet rooms come in any shape or size.
  •  Installable anywhere: They are quite versatile and can be installed anywhere in your house, whether upstairs or downstairs. Also, using the right drainage systems and floor formers, your wet room can be installed on concrete, as well as timber floors.

Combination Unit 

This is a modern addition to your bathroom that is not only unique but also quite trendy. The design involves the blending of several main components of a bathroom to form one stunning piece. One good example of this design is the use of vanity units. This consists of a vanity, basin, and toilet, all in one. The combination offers such a beautiful view, ensuring easy cleaning, and consuming minimal space. A combination of bathroom furniture design is ideal for any size of a bathroom. Also, it is pretty cost-effective, which makes even more people fall in love with it.

Vinyl Flooring 

Flooring is also a key component of modern bathrooms. If you are not into using laminate, marble, or stone tiles, vinyl flooring is a perfect alternative. It comes in a wide range of styles and designs. They can be made to mimic common tiles, real wood tiles, and more. This means that you have a wide choice to make your bathroom flooring as you envision it. Another plus with this kind of flooring is that it’s cheaper and easier to install, in comparison to other types of floorings. If you ever wish to change your flooring in the future, vinyl is pretty easy to remove and replace. This makes it one of the most efficient modern bathroom alternatives, especially on a budget.

Perfect Lighting

With modern bathroom design ideas, lighting is a fundamental part of the remodeling process. When shopping for windows and light fixtures for your modern bathroom, always remember that these designs are all about geometric shapes and lines. This means that you should always keep in mind the fact that the light’s quality is as important as the light fixtures themselves. If your space allows it then the use of skylights is a fresh and practical design trick that brings in more natural light, as well as visual awareness to your modern bathroom.  And as Thomas Fuchs put it, – “The quality of the light around us has a profound effect on our well-being that should not be underestimated.” 
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Adding Greenery

Another incredible element that coincides quite well with modern bathroom designs is a touch of greenery. Adding some plants in the bathroom will help to create a beautiful indoor-outdoor connection.  This means that you’ll be able to seamlessly mesh the outdoor space with your indoor space to create a fresh, relaxing area. Add one or two houseplants in the shower, on the windowsill or near the sink, to do the trick. Just remember to make sure that the plants you plan on buying can survive in a room with high humidity. 

Freestanding Bathtubs

In modern bathroom designs, freestanding tubs are key elements. But, also remember that balance is vital.  Therefore, keep things sharp and symmetrical by placing your bathtub in a strategic point that helps to improve the feng shui of that modern bathroom. Although most traditional bathtubs have an oval shape, you can also try a rectangular or a pedestal bathtub. These ones do quite well to bring out that modern flair and feel in a bathroom.

Key Takeaway

Modern bathrooms, whether small or large, in a home or an apartment, are easily achievable with any of the designs mentioned above. These inspirations will help you ensure that your bathroom is not only functional but that it also looks amazing.  Thanks to myjobquote.co.uk for consulting!


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