5 ways to dress up your ugly A/C unit



It’s safe to say that without our air con units we’d probably find the summer months unbearable. They’re a necessity in most homes across the US and you’ll find a wide range of designs and models both inside properties and outside too. Unfortunately, whoever designed air conditioning units, didn’t do so with aesthetics in mind. Those big ugly boxes don’t do your pretty back yard or stylish living areas any favors.

Keeping them well maintained is always a good idea – call this AC repair company after damage to your unit. But is there anything you can do to make them look a little better? The good news is that providing you don’t block or cover the filters or airflow around your air conditioning unit, you are perfectly able to decorate and make it look a little more attractive.

Read on for 5 ways to dress up your ugly A/C unit.


If you love nature and have some space around your unit outdoors, then consider growing some plants or bushes around it to keep it out of view. Large plants with big leaves or plants that grow wide are a simple, yet effective idea. Just make sure they’re planted far away enough from the vents, so the hot air doesn’t kill them off prematurely.

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Build a cupboard around it

If you have a through-the-wall unit, then it might spoil the interior you were going for. So, consider boxing the unit off with a simple cupboard. You can decorate the cupboard to match the room as you see fit, and if you add doors to the front then you’ll be able to do maintenance as and when.

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Consider a little camouflage

Again, if you have a unit that comes through your wall, or you want to hide the fixed control panel, then try to camouflage them into the surrounding wall. Display photographs around it and create a gallery wall, it’ll make the unit look less conspicuous and jarring.

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Erect a lattice wall

If your air-con unit is outdoors, then you could consider erecting a lattice wall around it and boxing it in. Then, you could hang planters from the gaps in the lattice or consider planting climbing plants like ivy, vines, roses, or wisteria to make it look even more attractive.

Box it off!

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Boxing off your outdoor air-con unit is fine, as long as it doesn’t block the airflow. With this in mind, you can simply box off the unit and incorporate it into your garden aesthetic with plants and other décor. Thanks to Ambient Edge for contributing


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