Top DIY Tips To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Baker’s Dream


If you’re an enthusiastic baker, chances are you have a few changes you’d like to make to your kitchen. 

After all, most kitchens don’t come equipped with every detail that makes baking a pleasure. Too-small cabinets, difficult storage, totally absent pantries—these things can make the preparation and process of baking into more of a chore than anything else. 

However, there are several things you can do to turn your kitchen into a baker’s dream—and the good news is that none of them require a full kitchen renovation! 

Add in or create open shelving.

Open shelving for ingredients, mixing bowls, and the other items you need for baking not only make it easier to see what you’ve got and what you need. And as a bonus, it will also give your kitchen a lighter, airier feel (as long as you keep those shelves tidy!). 

One of the best things about open shelving is that it’s a relatively easy DIY home improvement project. In some cases, simply taking off your cabinet doors will give you the open look and easy access you want. 

If that’s not an option, you can install open shelving wherever you have empty wall space. Remember that you’ll want to avoid keeping any heavy appliances, like that Kitchenaid mixer, on your new shelves; they’re much better suited for ingredients and baking implements that don’t weigh much. 

via The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Upgrade your oven

An old oven that heats unevenly will make baking even the simplest cookie recipe a headache. 

If you’re finding that your baked goods are turning out inconsistent, or unevenly baked, then you may want to test your oven with an oven thermometer. 

Place the thermometer inside your oven, and heat it to a temperature you commonly use—350, for example. You may be surprised at what the actual temperature is! You can also test the evenness of your oven’s heat by moving the thermometer to different places within the oven. This is just one of those small home maintenance tips that can be easily overlooked. 

If you decide to install a new oven, you may want to look at models with added options like convection or steam. 

Incorporate organizational details in drawers and on walls. 

via The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Mixing bowls, cutting boards, whisks and spatulas, cookie trays, cake pans—for serious bakers, these (and more) are all tools of the trade. 

To keep everything tidy and easy to find, consider adding organizational tools wherever possible. 

Over-cabinet spice racks, roll-out drawers that fit inside your larger drawers, ceiling hooks for your pots and pans, and wall hooks for your cutting boards are just a few ideas. 

You can also install tray storage if you have a tall cabinet that will allow your baking trays to stand upright. This will make it much easier to pull out only the tray you need, rather than bringing out your whole stack of pans and trays every time you need one. 

via The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

Create a workstation. 

If you’re baking frequently, there’s no sense in taking out the same tools day in and day out. Instead, designate a small area of the counter as your workstation. 

Keep the tools you use most frequently in a display canister, choose a few spices to keep out on a small spice rack, and leave the mixer out for all to see. 

Turning your kitchen into a baker’s dream doesn’t need to mean ripping everything out and starting over. By incorporating some thoughtful, functional details, you’ll have a kitchen you love to bake in in no time!  Thanks to Homelight for consulting!


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