A guide to choosing the right vanity unit for your new bathroom…


It may come as a surprise but there really is a reason that the vanity unit is called a ‘vanity unit’. Showers, baths, toilets may often be disguised or hidden but the vanity unit is always front and centered and usually the place where we spend most of our time when in the bathroom.  Perhaps we should give a little more thought and attention when we come to choosing this very important piece of furniture.

The Burlington 134cm Curved 2 Door and 2 Drawer Vanity Unit

Selecting the right vanity unit for your new bathroom may not be as simple as you originally thought. UKBathrooms provide some great advice in their ‘Vanity Unit Buyers Guide’.

Think about your bathroom, about opening the door and being visually drawn towards the vanity unit, complete with mirror above, lighting and of course ample storage.  What do you need to consider? The first and most important consideration is how much space you have and also how much storage and counter space you need. You may be somewhat limited by width and depth but have a little more freedom when choosing the height of your unit, and valuable extra storage can easily be gained with a little forethought.  When measuring make sure you allow enough space for doors and drawers to open.

What’s recommended is that you think about how many basins you need, single or double basin vanity units are available and the latter, if space allows, are ideal for a family or shared bathroom. Other considerations are the mounting options available; you have a choice of freestanding (probably the most common type of bathroom vanity unity), wall hung units (which hang on the wall without any legs) or corner mounted vanity units that are ideal if you need to save space as they have a 90 degree angle fitting perfectly into a corner.

The Keuco Plan Deep 2 Drawer Vanity Unit

In terms of choosing a basin type, semi-recessed basins are designed to be installed under the counter giving a cleaner look, that a top mounted or ‘drop-in’ vanity basin is mounted into an opening on the counter and countertop basins are typically bowl shaped basins that sit on top of your counter surface.

The Crosswater Glide 11 50 cm Vanity Unit with Marble Worktop

You also need to consider the style of your vanity unit, is your bathroom design sleek and contemporary or more traditional in style.

The stunning Imperial Roseland 2 drawer wall hung vanity unit is handcrafted and simply oozes elegance and class, available in a number of finishes and a choice of hand-painted finishes this vanity unit is supplied complete with vanity basin handmade in the Midlands, a truly stunning centre piece for your new bathroom. Thanks to UK Bathrooms for contributing!


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