Easy DIY Ideas to Help You Turn Your Simple Home to Your Dream House


We all have a dream home. This is the kind of home that you desire to live in with your family. You have probably had this dream since you were a kid and as ambitious as it may sound, you will one day make it come true. Your dream home should not only be comfortable, but it should be perfectly designed too. This is the kind of home that you can get everything you want all from recreation to resting. But how can you get your dream home?

You can start by buying a home and with great listing sites like Movoto; you will undoubtedly get a great house at the best price. You do not have to spend a fortune to buy a home. Check for houses for sale on the site and if you are not ready, you can start saving up towards that goal.

Now that you already have a house, it is time to decorate it to match your expectations. Again, you do not have to break the bank for home decoration. To make things easier and manageable for you, let’s have a look at some easy DIY home decoration tips.

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Get a DIY Jacuzzi

If you are the spa kind of person but then, the house that you got does not have a tub, you can still make that wish come true at minimum cost. There are lots of DIY Jacuzzis which you can make, both indoors and outdoors and turn your home to a spa. The tubs are a perfect place to relax as you watch the world and unwind. Imagine sitting outside in your hot tub and releasing all the stress from a long week of work. You could even invite some friends over for a soak as you toast to good life and memories. For a single Jacuzzi, you can easily recycle a Rubbermaid container or even build a wood-fired cedar tub for as many people as you wish. You can also use a steel barrel to do so or concrete depending on your budget.

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Make a home office

A home office can turn your home from basic to classy, very quick. It makes you feel like you have your home together. This is mostly a great idea if you are self-employed or you have a business that you can run from home. Imagine waking up and not having to dress up and drive to the office. You take your coffee and working tools upstairs to your well-designed home office and you ready for a productive day. You only need a spare room, a comfortable desk, and some inspiring paintings and pictures and there, you have a complete office. Also, repaint the walls to match that of an office.

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A wine catalog

Again, having a wine catalog can turn your home from a zero to ten real quick. You do not have to spend on it. Simply take that storage cabinet that you have neglected for years and turn it to your wine storage cabinet. Clean it and paint to match your space. You could also remove the drawers, make shelves, and add a clear glass on the front side to make it more appealing.

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An indoor garden

An indoor herb garden makes the house refreshing and brings everything back to life. Look for the right spot in the house, which could be near the dining area or even in the study room.  Ensure there is ample natural light for plants growth. From there, select your preferred herbs and make sure you are not allergic to any of them. You could go for thyme, rosemary, or oregano. Get pots, which you can collect from anywhere and spraypaint them for elegance to match the rest of the house decors. Place the plants near the window for ample sunlight and to make the view more appealing. You also need to buy potting soil rather than using ordinary soil to enhance the plant’s growth.

Turning your simple house to a comfortable and classy home takes a little bit of creativity an effort. It is not all about spending thousands of dollars. With the little you have, you can turn that space to whatever you wish, and while there are endless ideas for doing so, these are only a few easy projects that you can take. Thanks to Movoto for consulting!


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