How To Choose the Best Pet Vacuum Cleaner


The 21st Century ushered in the era of cordless vacuum cleaner, robotic vacs, handheld hoovers, among other technological miracles.

It has never been easier to own pets without continually worrying about the mess that comes with them dragging in dirt and their hair clogging up your carpet. With the perfect sweeper, these ‘second-world problems’ can be solved within minutes!

If you have you, however, don’t have a clue on which vacuum cleaner comes in handy when it comes to getting rid of pet hair all over your floor and furniture, then you might be in for a helluva ride.

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Lucky for you, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to expertly choose the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home to help you get rid of the hair that’s layering up on your carpet and floors.

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Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Manor

Here are some of the features and elements you should consider:

#01. Do You Prefer Bagged or Bagless?

Well, this might seem obvious, but it can be one of the most daunting features to choose from. It’s because when you take a bagged vacuum, you have to toss out the bag when it gets full and replace it with a new one.

A bagless one, on the other hand, will require you to empty the dust cup or container whenever it gets full.

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The thing is, with a bagged vacuum, you get to save up a ton of cash, but it can be one of the messiest things you’ll ever do. With dogs, for example, you have entangled the long hair caught up in the bag. So if you’re a tidbit irked out by such messes, it mightn’t be your favorite option.

The bagless one, on the other hand, is quite expensive but with the bagless cyclone technology that ensures the vacuum won’t clog up, then you can avoid all the mess that comes with emptying the dust cup.

#02. Do You Want Cordless or Corded?

Here’s the rub about the cordless vacuum cleaners: If you have a small apartment or you only want to use the hoover for spot cleanups, the cordless vacuum machine should be your best choice. It’s also very user-friendly since you don’t have to worry about the cord getting caught under your furniture and doors as you’re moving around cleaning all the nooks and crannies.

However, if you have a big home and quite an amount of space to clean, then using a cordless vacuum cleaner might end up getting you quite frustrated when it stops working, making you leave the rest of the job for later. Most cordless vacs run for about 40 to 60 minutes before you recharge them.

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So, when it comes to that, a corded vacuum cleaner might be the best fit. While plugging and unplugging is a pain, it’s the ideal way to make sure that you’ll be able to tackle the work all at once. If you, however, don’t mind the hustle that will come with recharging the cordless vac, then you can always opt to purchase it.

#03. Hoover’s Dimensions

The dimension of a vacuum cleaner is something most people don’t look into when making an acquisition, and it may not even matter to you. Nonetheless, for some, it can be a huge deal. If you have many areas to cover, it might be ideal for getting a sweeper that can clean a broader path.

It’s primarily a concern when it comes to the handheld vacs. Let’s say you need to get into a tight space; you’ll want to the best handheld vacuum cleaner that either has a small head or nozzle to get in and around where you need.

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For upright vacuum cleaners, the dimensions may be a concern if you’re remarkably short or tall. No one is going to be at ease by stooping over or stretching their arm up to clean the floor every time. Lucky for you, most upright vacuum cleaner companies have resulted in producing sweepers that match to almost every size. So, if you’re on the shorter side, you may want to consider a mid-size.

Selecting the ideal vacuum cleaner for your needs isn’t that challenging. You only need to mind certain aspects of your home, and vacuuming will become less of a hassle! Thanks to By Purify for consulting!


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