What Your Home Needs Most


What makes a house a home? It’s hard to define the mix of comfort and utility that we get out of our living spaces when they’re at their best — but we know right away when it’s not there. Even when we don’t consciously realize what our living spaces are doing to our bodies and minds, you can be sure that our health is suffering. Your home and your overall wellness are connected in ways that range from obvious (a clean living space is healthier) to subtle (good interior decorating is good for your mental health).

Design: Kara Hebert Photo: Brantley Photography

With the importance of your home in mind, we’re here to share a few of the things that could make your home better. Are these the only important things in a home? No, of course not. But they are helpful reminders of the things that define our spaces and make our homes and individual rooms comfortable and functional.

A custom wall hanging

If you think what you hang on your walls doesn’t matter, think again. Experts agree that even subtle interior decorating choices can alter our moods and, with enough exposure, our mental health. So take some time to redecorate.

Design: Kara Hebert Photo: Brantley Photography

We recommend checking out a rolled canvas print. Canvas prints can be custom-printed, so you can choose things like personal photographs and digital works of art. Canvas prints have a  high-quality look that will make for a huge upgrade over cheap frames and old posters. Mixing the texture of canvas with other materials in your space will also give you a more varied and interesting look in your rooms.

A working computer

These days, we tend to be drawn to mobile devices. But your desktop or laptop computer still have important roles. It’s high time that you dusted yours off and, if necessary, got it fixed up by a professional.

Take a moment to search for “computer repair near me,” and consider upgrading your laptop or desktop while you’re at it. Being able to sit down and work on something with a larger screen will make you more productive, and it will also help separate a functional space for computer-related tasks (if you’re doing all of your banking or email writing on your mobile devices alone, then you’re not really creating productive spaces and relaxing ones — everything is mixed together and carried with you everywhere you go).

Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash

An organized pantry or kitchen shelves

Here’s one simple thing that you can do to both save money and be healthier: Cook for yourself more often. Restaurants, takeout, and delivery are all pricey and tend to feature lots of butter, salt, and fat. At home, you’ll be more likely to whip up something reasonable at a fraction of the price.

But you won’t be likely to cook much if your kitchen makes the task miserable. And if you can’t find the right ingredients (or even know if you have them), then you can forget about making something great. That’s why your kitchen and its organization are so important. If you take the time to outfit your kitchen with enough storage space and organize it so that you can find what you’re looking for, your home will become a more functional place — and you’ll be healthier.

Design: Kara Hebert Photo: Brantley Photography

An outdoor space

You may or may not have the cash on hand to transform your outdoor space with a deck or a patio. But even if all you do is stick a lawn chair outside or tidy up your apartment balcony, you’ll get a whole lot more out of your home. Experts agree that time outside is good for our physical and mental health, and your space will feel brighter and warmer when you can go outside and still feel like you’re at home.


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