A supremely serene modern farmhouse


The farmhouse style is very popular these days, so it isn’t hard to find some very pretty farmhouse style homes, but for some reason this one really stood out at me. I found it on Adore Home.

The credits are as follows: Photography Mindi Cooke / Photoshoot styling Kylie Jackes / Words Beth GreshwalkBuild + design Front Porch Properties / Interior styling Soul Styling Interiors

I love that this home is minimalist and elegant, but it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Sometimes minimalism, even with cozy farmhouse elements, just seems to get too sterile or unrealistic to me. Maybe because I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old, and no matter how hard you try to keep things “put away,” they just love taking them out again!

I love just being in bare feet around the home, and this oak flooring looks so smooth and perfect for summer days puttering about the house.

The woman who built this property is pretty darn inspiring. Read her story below:

After a decade of running a successful music school, the classical pianist decided to pursue her lifelong fascination with construction and obtain her builder’s licence. Last year, Rachael won the 2018 Master Builders Queensland Women in Building Award.

In an industry where, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2018), just 12 percent are women, Rachael’s accomplishments are an important reminder of what women can contribute. “We offer a different skillset, can often better interpret a client’s vision, and bring a nurturing quality to a construction site, which is great for morale.”

It looks like the outdoor space with the grill very seamlessly conjoins with the rest of the home.

Elements like the stone fireplace surround creates a farmhouse aesthetic.

I usually wouldn’t think to use a palm motif wallpaper in a farmhouse, but in Australia I’m sure it’s completely appropriate, and is one of the elements that keeps the house from being too serious, as I mentioned above.

LOVE. Perfect place for pancakes with my boys.

This staircase and landing is clean and modern without being stuffy.

A porch outside my bedroom? PERFECT spot for reading or having an iced coffee while the boys nap (fingers crossed)

What do you think of this home? I’d move in in a heartbeat!

Read the full story and see all photos on Adore Home Modern Farmhouse


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