4 Tips for Placing and Decorating Your New Ductless Mini-Split Unit


Here in uber-humid Maryland, it’s hard to imagine suffering through a balmy summer without air conditioning. When you’re in the market for a new unit, don’t overlook ductless mini-split systems. These capable little HVAC elements have many advantages, such as easy wall or ceiling installation in any room. For comfort throughout your home, use multiple units to create different temperature zones. As handy as these new units are, for the serious DIY interior designer, they can also be an eyesore. Discover these four tips for disguising, placing, and decorating your new ductless mini-split unit.

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Recessed Shelving to the Rescue

While most mini-split air handling units are only a few inches thick, they often add an industrial vibe to the room. This look might be fine in the kitchen, but a creative home office might need some tricky strategies to camouflage the unit. 

Because mini-splits only need a 3-inch opening for installation, it can be stowed away in a recessed shelving unit, as you may have in your master bedroom. Just make sure the equipment is well-ventilated so it functions properly, with a safe 6 inches of clearance on all four sides. The last thing you want is a repair bill.

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Paint the Wall to Match

Sometimes the best decorating solutions are often the simplest. If attaching a bright white AC unit to that dark red wall in your dramatic dining room is going to annoy the creative in you, consider painting the walls to match your ductless mini-split. Innovative new systems are available in a variety of colors, and once coordinated, you’ll see it nearly vanish out of sight.

Disguise It in a Bookcase

Because most ductless HVAC system installations occur after the home’s design and construction, they often have an “afterthought” appearance when they’re perched on the wall. Another great way to keep the unit from sticking out like a sore thumb is to build it into a bookcase or existing entertainment center.

The open style of the bookcase, when paired with a set of shelves that are the same width or 2 to 3 inches wider than the AC unit, gives the appearance of a single vertical component instead of a box hanging there a bit conspicuously. Add matching wooden slats in front of the mini-split unit to allow for exceptional airflow while further disguising its presence in the room.

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Placement Is Perfect

Where you mount your ductless air handler will help keep it out of view. If your ceiling is graced with beams, position your unit near the timber to make it appear closer to the wall. Above a window or door are also excellent places to mount your mini-split unit. This method allows for more wall space to display tall pieces of furniture or artwork, while your HVAC system goes practically undetected.

DIYers like you shouldn’t let comfort and convenience compromise your home’s aesthetic. With these handy tips, you and your new ductless mini-split unit may never have to meet again. Thanks to Brennans HVAC for collaborating!


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