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Almost everyone takes it for granted that a house should be painted – that is, both its interior and exterior. If the average person is asked why this is important, their response may totally be restricted to the visual value that any kind of painting will add to the house.

This of course is very important but it is not all there is to painting a house, especially the house’s exterior. The very first thing we will look at is the importance of painting the exterior of your home.

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Importance of Painting Your Home’s Exterior

A professional painter will probably list a whole lot of benefits of painting your home’s exterior. To keep this article brief, we will only look at three major benefits.

Visual Value

Like we stated earlier, for most, painting basically adds aesthetic value to a building. This is the most obvious value that a paint job will add to a building so we can regard this as the primary or obvious benefit.

Overall Value

If you wanted to purchase a home and you are given a choice between a well-built house with an unpainted exterior and another house of a slightly lower quality build but with a wonderful external (and maybe interior) painting, you are likely going to place more value on the painted house. Exterior home painting has to be done right for the best effect so call Paisley Painting for the best workmanship.

It will actually take a builder or someone very knowledgeable in civil engineering or buildings to choose an unpainted house over a painted house. So, painting a house improves its real estate value. If you are putting your home up for sale, you will get more value for it if you spent some money giving it a professional paint job.

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Lastly for this article, one other benefit of painting your house’s exterior is the protection the paint gives the building. First, the painting provides some protection against the weather – rain or sunshine. Second, the paint can also prevent or even kill insects and other bugs. Between the primer and the paint, the chemicals can prevent or reduce an existing infestation.

You may want to read more about this here.

Why You Should Use Professional Painters

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Handling house repair and maintenance duties by yourself can be great and in fact should be encouraged. However, there are times when we should simply allow experts to handle these tasks for us. For many, painting is quite easy. You just get some paints, brushes and maybe rollers and then splash, splash and you’re done.

We wish it were that simple. A lot goes into the painting process. There are preparations that need to be done before, during and after the painting. This is just one of the many reasons why you should go for a team of professional painters like these Happy Valley, Oregon painters. Unless, of course, you know exactly how to go about doing a good job of painting the exterior of your house yourself.

Remember that everyone will get to see it. If you do a bad paint job inside your home, only folks who come into your home will get to see it. Exterior painting is very different because even the person passing by will see it.

A professional painter will among other things do the following:

  • Help you choose the right color of paints.
  • Help you choose the right paint type and quality.
  • Decide if a surface needs to be primed or not.
  • Properly prepare every surface to be painted.
  • Protect the painting environment against paint stains.
  • Paint professionally, delivering a top quality paint job.

Find out more benefits of using professional house painters here:

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Choosing the Right Painter

So, how do you go about choosing the right professional painter? Should you just choose anyone who claims to be a professional painter? Certainly not. Here are a few steps that can help you find the right painter.

Ask For Referrals

Word of mouth advert has always been the most effective type of advert. Ask friends and family members if any of them know any reliable painters. This is a good place to start. If you get recommendations, start from there.

Find out the Painter/Company’s Reputation

Dig a little bit deeper to know more about the company. If you did not get any recommendations, then jump straight to this step. Go to Google+ and other independent review sites like Trust Pilot and try to read reviews from past customers. The reviews will tell you which painters and companies have a good reputation.

Check for Location

Keep your search local. It will make no sense for a person living in Loveland to be looking for painters in Denver. Though they are both in the same state, they will be better off searching for painters in Loveland Co. This will among other things reduce your cost.

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Compare Quotes

Don’t just find one painter and immediately engage them. Look around and get estimates from others. Compare all the quotes to ensure you are getting the best value for money.

Get a professional to paint your home’s exterior. You do not want people to use your home as a descriptive landmark. You know something like; when you get to that horribly painted house, turn left… . Thanks to Foothill Painters for collaborating!


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