Top Tips on Avoiding Pests in your Home


Pests can wreak havoc in anyone’s life by carrying germs into your home and being destructive. If you’re concerned that you’re not doing enough to keep pests at bay then we’ve got top tips that will help! Keeping a clean and tidy home will be less attractive to those pesky creatures.

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Pests Love Leftovers

It’s easy to miss those extra crumbs when tidying up after a meal. If you have children you may find a constant trail of crumbs around the house. The issue is crumbs are one of the biggest treats for pests. Make sure you clean anywhere that comes into contact with crumbs on a regular basis. They are also attracted to all the leftover food. Vance Hardinger, an exterminator in Las Vegas says “even if you’ve got your leftovers sitting on the worktop, ensure they’re sealed. It’s far too much temptation for pests to resist!”

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Keep on top of your Garbage

It’s important to mention that your garbage should always be well contained. It should be transported outside as soon as possible to another contained location. This is unless you want critters tearing it apart outside your house!

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Eliminate Entry Points

For pests to infest your home they need to have an entry point. It would be worthwhile to inspect your home thoroughly for cracks, gaps or holes. If you cover these up pests will have a very limited opportunity to enter your home.

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Avoid Clutter

If you have a home full of clutter, it’s time to get organized. This is a big attraction for pests because they can find good hiding spots. If you keep your house tidy and free of clutter there’s less space to hide. It’s also easier to clean those more difficult spots! Our suggestion would be to have a thorough clean throughout your house, it enables you to inspect for pests to. That includes behind the sofas and under the cupboards! It’s your best shot at keeping unwanted visitors away!

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Check your Pets

It’s hard to keep your pets clean when they’re likely enjoying the outdoors. If you’re a dog or cat owner it’s likely that you’re pets are outside every day. Cleaning your home is tough (especially in the winter) and may seem like an endless cycle of cleaning. It’s important that you keep your pets up to date on flea treatments to avoid them entering your home. If you remember it may be worth checking your pets for fleas when they’ve been outside. Regularly bathing them in specialized shampoos will help keep pests at bay, whilst keeping your pet and home nice and fresh.

Have the pests already infested your home no matter how much you’ve cleaned? Have you tried all of the options above and still no luck? You may be looking for pest control as a final resort. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and sometimes can’t be avoided. Choosing a reliable pest control company is going to be the best way to get those pests out of your home! Once they’re gone, remember these tips to try and avoid another infestation. Thanks to 369 Bugs for collaborating on this post!


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