Sleepgram, a super luxe pillow that’s also good for you!


I never used to be picky about my pillows until I entered my 30s.  I always slept on two run of the mill polyester pillows. And then traveling throughout Europe in hostels I had to get used to sleeping on just one pillow, which took awhile, but then I couldn’t use two or I felt like my neck was bent.  Then I ended up using one of those memory foam pillows for neck support, and though it took a long time to get used to, my neck got “addicted” to it or something.  The one I had fell apart and whenever I tried to go back to normal pillows I always woke up with a sore neck.  Enter Sleepgram.  You can literally customize the pillow based on your desired firmness of softness.  It’s all done via two inserts that go into a zip cover.

sleepgram pillow

Depending on the support level you want, you insert either the “blue” insert, the “pink” insert, or both (a handy guide comes with the pillows).  I can’t believe how much these pillows feel like real down, even though they are microfiber.  You should check out their website too to read about how much bacteria, pollen, mold, and dust mites accumulate in your pillows as well, and how Sleepgram pillows are actually healthier for you.

I actually took me a few nights to discover my perfect Sleepgram setting, and now my neck is once again a happy camper but without the yuckiness factor of most pillows and with the luxe feeling of down.  With fall approaching, it’s the perfect time to make your bed more cuddly with some new pillows.  I would definitely consider Sleepgram if you love the feeling of down, suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, or just want the most comfortable sleep possible.  Click here to visit there site.

A close up of the interior and cover that contains the inserts.

Baby Beau Sleepgram

My youngest son Beau decided to crash the photo shoot – the pillows were too fluffy to resist!

And now, a little pillow eye candy to maybe inspire you to give your bed a little refresh this fall!

beautiful bedding

via One Kings Lane

bed styling

via Architectural Digest

bed styling

via Apartment Therapy


BTW: I received a sample of 2 sleepgram pillows, but the opinions above are my own and honest.



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