House tour! An artist’s super cool Connecticut home


I’m fascinated by this home, and I can’t really put my finger on why.  I would absolutely love to see it in person.  Though I would like to see more variety in the artwork around the house, it has so much character!

The artist, Kerri Rosenthal, smartly utilizes neutral hues throughout her home to set off the bold color of her paintings.

I would never have been brave enough to put such large lamps next to the tv but I love them!



So jealous of this amazing sleek white kitchen.  Love the large drape over the sink window too.

I like that she kept the master bedroom completely serene and free of vibrant colors.

The artist in her studio!



The piece above this console is probably my favorite painting of hers.  Does that console look familiar?  I told you where to get it on sale last week – see this post.

Read and see more at Lonny.


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