These Changes Will Make Your Bathroom Your Favorite Room In The House


An attractive bathroom can make all the difference to your home. There’s no better place to unwind and relax in a warm bath or steamy shower and to let all the cares of the day wash away. However, you can’t really enjoy your bathroom if you have ugly fixtures and fittings that make your space look outdated and unattractive. The good news, however, is that these simple changes will make your bathroom your favorite room in the house.

Add Dramatic Accents

If you can only afford to make one change to your bathroom to make it more attractive and welcoming, you should add a dramatic mirror. A beautiful, eye-catching mirror isn’t just a useful addition to your space but will also instantly give your bathroom a lift and make it look more luxurious.

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Add Some Accent Tiles

If you have white field tiles finishing your bathroom walls, shower surround and floor, you can easily make your room look more modern and more luxurious by adding a few accent tiles. Mosaic tiles are an especially good choice as they look expensive. Use them sparingly and you’ll achieve an understated, elegant effect that you’re sure to love.

Switch Our Your Light Fixture

Bathroom light fixtures aren’t always the most attractive – all too often they’ve been designed with function in mind rather than beauty. You can add magic and sparkle to your bathroom by switching your outdated light fixture with a new dramatic one.

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Replace Your Counter Tops

Simply by replacing an old counter top with a new preformed laminate or granite one is a quick and easy way to improve the look of your room. You can get the luxury look of a brand new vanity unit at a fraction of the cost.

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Paint Your Cabinets

If you have a medicine cabinet that’s looking tired and old, a new coat of paint in a stylish color can bring it up to date while adding a new and attractive look to your room. Alternatively, consider searching flea markets for cheap shelving and create your own rustic, contemporary bathroom storage.

Easy Enhancements

Switch your boring old plain toilet seat for a stylish modern one, and add matching accessories such as a new toilet roll holder and towel bar. While you’re making these small adjustments, it could be time to upgrade your bathmat, towels, tooth mug and soap dish at the same time.

Upgrade Your Walls

It’s quick and easy to use beaded board panels to add texture and style to your bathroom. It’s an easy way to copy the stylish individual bead board look that you find in high class bathrooms at a fraction of the effort and cost.

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Upgrade Your Shower Curtain

If you have a moldy old shower curtain hanging over your bath it’s time to take it down and replace it with something more appealing. There are lots of different modern shower curtains on the market that will look stylish and luxurious without breaking the bank. Alternatively, you could simply pair a couple of beautiful patterned fabric curtain panels with clear plastic shower liners for a truly contemporary look.

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Make Your Own Home Spa

Your bathroom can really be your own home spa if you give your showerhead a luxury upgrade. Switch a plain old showerhead with a brand new rain-style one. There are lots of affordable models available which can easily fit onto your existing plumbing but which will make your bathroom look a million dollars while ensuring that every shower is a wonderful experience. Find the best showerhead to suit your bathroom by visiting for more information.

So, there you have it, our top tips for making your bathroom a more beautiful and welcoming space. You’ll be looking for excuses to spend more time in there!

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