Choosing furniture that will make your home stunning


Choosing Furniture

I guess it doesn’t really need to be said that furniture makes a room.  Not every home has standout bones, so more often than not we use furniture to express our aesthetic.  That being said, I tend to feel horribly constrained by the few chain stores from which I can furnish my home, and even more constrained if my budget is small.

choosing furniture

An over scale piece of furniture like the wooden wardrobe adds impact to this room without being flamboyant.  Since the walls are white it also helps to visually push the wall back a little. You can find pieces like this at antique malls and sometimes a little elbow grease is all that’s required to restore furniture and make it look like they belong in a museum!

Wow.  What a statement that giant square dining table makes.  Even though it’s a little bit rustic, the upholstered chairs with nailhead trim keeps it in luxe territory. Quality made wooden furniture is beautiful when implemented correctly. If you’re looking for custom made designs, take a peek at Anne Quinn Furniture.

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Emily Henderson_Ian Brennan's House_Living Room 1

A giant metal trunk as a coffee table is sure to be a conversation starter and acts as an amazing anchor to the otherwise visually light pieces in the room .  From this perspective it also leads the eye up to that amazing window and built-in bookshelves.

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choosing furniture

If you want your space to have the appearance of being collected and put together over time.  DO NOT buy furniture in sets (don’t do this anyway).  And if you do have a couple of matching pieces, make sure you have at least two pieces that are different.  This gives them an element of being special of precious in some way and is a great way to create the focal point of a room.  No way anyone is glancing over that antique furniture at the foot of the bed!

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choosing furniture

Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to furniture only available in your country.  The internet has given us more and more options when it comes to international shipping.  Even if a furniture site isn’t in your native language, you could possibly find a thorough guide for shipping furniture to Singapore  if that is where you call home!


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