5 Exterior Stone Veneer Design Ideas for Modern Homes


Today, there are so many unique exterior stone veneer designs. Many of them are for homes that are going for a more “old-fashioned” look. Not too many of them are for more modern homes. This list fixes that problem, by sharing with you five exterior stone veneer design ideas that you should consider for your own home!

1. Water and Stone

stone veneer design ideas

Image Credit: www.RealstoneSystems.com

This is a beautiful addition to the pool. It uses water features, which allow the natural sounds of water falling into the pool to heighten a sense of being connected to nature, but it also merges all of these naturalistic elements into one very elegant, very beautiful package.

Take the element of water. Water is a very natural element. It comes directly from nature, and there is something incredibly earthy about it. Then, you have the sound of the water coming out of the water features, which is reminiscent of a waterfall. This further enhances it. And then, finally, you have the exterior stone veneer panels that are used to mount the water features.

It all feels very organic and very lifelike, without a sense of artificiality.

2. A Beautiful Exterior Wall

stone veneer design ideas

Image Credit: www.RealstoneSystems.com

Here, we have a large stone veneer exterior wall. It’s very big, very simplistic in its layout and design, but there is something very comforting about it.

Given the size of this wall, and just how much space it encapsulates, this particular wall is designed to enhance the naturalistic feelings that stone can create.

Remember, stone is one of the oldest materials that is known to us. It was one of the first materials that we discovered, and we, as human beings, have had a very long history with it. In this particular instance, this history is captured through the use of the stone, and that lends itself to an aesthetic that goes against artificiality, while still embracing the essence of most modern styles.

3. Stacked Stone Veneer Firepit

stone veneer design ideas

Image Credit: www.RealstoneSystems.com

This gas fire pit has a rustic-looking base that is made of stacked stone veneer. It isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other designs, but it is an immensely pragmatic design, one that is built on the concept of durability.

If you look at the clean edges that surround the fire pit, you’ll notice how it effortlessly blends an old-fashioned, rustic style, with a modern style.

4. A Stone Outdoor Kitchen

stone veneer design ideas

Image Credit: www.RealstoneSystems.com

This is a great example of how to combine stone veneer designs with something that is a little more modern.

Here, you have a variety of steel components that are very modern and sleek and elegant. Then, you have the stone veneer, which unifies the entirety of the design, creating something that feels very concise, when it comes to how it was built and how it is presented.

5. A Beautiful Outdoor Living Room

stone venner design ideas

Image Credit: www.RealstoneSystems.com

This may just be the most “extravagant” design idea, but if you live in a place where the climate is often warm and sunny, and you have the space to do this, then this might just be something to consider.

The stone veneer fireplace becomes the focal point of the entire space. You can see the more modern touches – such as the table and furniture – and how they effortless blend with both the white color scheme, and the stone veneer fireplace. Combined that with the fact that this is all outdoors, and you get a beautiful merger of old and new styles, that, when they come together, are absolutely beautiful! Thanks to RealStone Systems for contributing


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