Minimalist styling: Pared-down decor


Maybe it’s that my life is total chaos right now with a 7 month old and 3 year old, but I find myself wanting to really pare down my decor and go for a more minimalist styling on my shelves and surfaces.  I still like what I’ve done with all of our “stuff,” ie, books, souvenirs, objects, etc., but I just need more visual white space and room to breathe.  Our space is open concept but very small and with toys strewn about most of the day gets to looking very cluttered very fast

Minimalist Styling

minimalist styling

I find a minimal, pared-down styling approach more challenging than a traditional one.  There’s only so many items for the eye to look at, so if the balance is off it’s more obvious.  Make sure your objects are kept tight and close.  If these items were pushed against the sides of the bookcases the eye would get lost moving from one object to another, because there would be too much space between them.

via Studio McGee



minimalist styling

I really, really like having my countertops as empty as possible, but with nothing on them they can look institutional.  So whether it be a small collection of canisters or cacti, let them be the show-stopper and leave the rest of your counter open as workspace.


minimalist styling

via Elle Decor

Go for one large piece of art as opposed to a loose grid of smaller works.

Pare Down Decor

minimalist styling

It seems that with minimalist styling, you really need to be aware of scale.  Opt for one large piece as opposed to a cluster of small objects that will end up feeling unanchored on an otherwise barren table scape.  Plants are also a great tool because they can offer color and something with soft lines on a large scale, which can be harder to find.

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Outer Order, Inner Calm

After a fun but chaotic morning at the playground, I want to walk in to this…

minimalist styling

clean and uncluttered.

via House Beautiful



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