3 Tips for Making Your Home Warm and Inviting


There is nothing like the feeling of coming home at night after a long day at work to a home that is warm and inviting. You simply want to sink down into the comfort of your favorite chair for a few moments to let the stresses of the day slip away before you do anything at all. You aren’t in the mood to open your mail, change your clothes, and for sure, you aren’t ready to start dinner at the moment. But for some reason, you feel as though you’ve left something out. Your home just isn’t as warm and cozy as you’d like it to be, so what can you do to change that? Actually, it’s a simple fix. Here are just three of the things you can do to give your home that warmth you are seeking.

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1. Earthy Tones Work Best

Scientifically speaking, earth tones work best because they have a calming effect on the mind. Don’t use bright colors because they energize. You have been at the top of your game all day long and you don’t want energy at the moment; what you want are some peace and quiet. That’s what natural earth tones provide, so make sure everything, from walls to furniture, is the soft tones of Mother Earth. Neutral beiges, soft greens, and even soft pastel greys work well when you are looking to add warmth to any room.

natural interiors

2. Use Elements from Nature

You have heard it said over and over that when you are particularly stressed, you should take a walk outdoors. Why not bring nature into your home? Use wood instead of metal wherever possible, have plants in every room, and even use things like rocks and branches as part of your décor. Some people choose limbs from trees to use as wall hangings because they can also be seasonally decorated with tiny lights or ornaments as the season’s demand. A little electric rock waterfall also helps to bring nature inside, and the sound of cascading water is as calming as it gets.

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3. Pay Special Attention to the Bedroom

The bedroom is, after all, where you go to relax when you are particularly tired or stressed. This is the room you want to be the warmest and most inviting of all. Start with natural bedding if at all possible. Besides the fact that synthetics are not good for the environment, they easily give static electricity sparks in dryer weather. The website Down Comfort Expert explains that Egyptian cotton comforters filled with goose down are the softest and warmest choices you can use for your bed. Snuggle up in the luxury of a soft and warm natural comforter, maybe for the first time in your life, and you’ll understand why they are so popular.

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Although you want your home to be warm and inviting to anyone who visits, you are there every day of the week and you are the one who deserves to enjoy a cozy home. Take time to look around. Notice those things which don’t seem to bring you a sense of serenity and then begin systematically replacing them with elements specially chosen from nature. In no time at all, you will notice that your body relaxes the moment you walk in the door – and that is what you really need. You want a sanctuary from the stresses of life and this is something a warm and inviting home has to offer. Now, isn’t that just what you need?

natural interiors


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