Looking for a different style in your bedroom? Here are five trends to try


As the saying goes, a person’s home in their castle. If we take that to be true, then a person’s bedroom is their keep within the castle. It’s a private sanctuary that’s usually designed and decorated specifically for them. Sometimes though we need some change in our lives, and sometimes that means changing up the “keep” or giving it a refresh. If you’re looking for some new bedroom styles that are trendy for this year, here are five to keep in mind.



To the chagrin of some, wallpaper is on the rise. However, this isn’t your grandma’s wallpaper. Today’s wallpaper takes a spin on 1970’s and changes it into something dramatic using metallic paint, contemporary patterns, browsing internet for wall paint designs etc. When coupled with cozy pieces such as wood, flowers, and neutral headboards, your bedroom will transform.

bedroom trends

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Textures and materials

Having pieces and materials with texture is a growing trend. This actually plays right into wallpaper, as many modern wallpapers have a bit of a texture to them. Highly tactical items such as handles and mirrors add depth and character to a space. Additionally, many of these items can be practical ones. Generally, designers feel that this approach is in the vein of “less is more” in that the pieces that you would normally have in a bedroom are modified slightly to add the texture factor.

 bedroom trends

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Perfect imperfections 

No one is perfect, right, so why should your bedroom be? A new trend for bedrooms is to have minor imperfections. These can be in a variety of places in the bedroom such as the bed itself in the wabi-sabi style or in the headboard or in surrounding artwork. These little imperfections make the room more personal and give it that extra touch. It’s also a reminder to yourself that it’s ok to not be perfect — sometimes that’s what makes something special.


bedroom trends

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Blues and grays and yellows, oh my!

Colors are probably the trend that comes and goes the most. This year, it’s all about blues first, then yellows and greys second. Blue has a very extensive range. Pantone says that turquoise, serenity is a season color so you’d be on the right track if you went in that direction. But coverings for shades of blue are trendy and help make the space feel more peaceful. Additionally, yellows and greys have become more and more popular. Adding in these will make your bedroom feel modern and sophisticated.


bedroom trends 

Modern Farmhouse 

The HGTV hit show “Fixer Upper” may have ended, but that doesn’t mean that the Modern Farmhouse style won’t live on. The combination of rustic, cozy, and modern blended together is an appealing one for many people and one that many people love to talk about. For the bedroom, this might mean bringing in wood features like a rustic or reclaimed headboard. Modern Farmhouse usually has a more neutral palette, but that doesn’t necessarily have to conflict too much with the above tip. Overall, the style is about being casual while giving a nod to the traditional.

bedroom trends

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So, if you’re looking for a little change in your bedroom decor, there are a plethora of ways to do it. Whether a big change or just an easy refresh, it can be fun to switch things up. After all, the bedroom is a place that you should feel comfortable in, no matter the style.



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