Romantic Interiors Inspiration


Romantic Interiors

Romantic interiors probably mean something different to everyone, but to me they tend to always have a foot in the past, wether because they were designed to look old and have a story to tell or because they really are.  I also find that they tend to be slightly “imperfect,” and full of layers of texture and ever so slightly indulgent.

romantic interiors

Okay, so this isn’t an interior, but isn’t this one romantic exterior?  How could you not want to see the inside of this house?

romantic interiors

Old wood floors, and iron chandelier, the space to be able to diagonally position one’s desk!

romantic interiors

How amazing is this intricately carved and beautifully styled console?

romantic interiors

Hope you don’t mind another exterior thrown into the mix.  I grew up with Dutch doors so they’ll always be nostalgic and romantic to me.

romantic interiors

Open shelves to show off a beautiful cream ceramics collection.

romantic interiors

This iron canopy is what inspired this post. The molding and flowy drapes pooling on the floor clinched it too!

What makes an interior romantic in your opinion?

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All images via Dering Hall



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