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We’re are often very concerned about the inside of our houses that we forget about how the exterior looks. It’s a fact that the exterior walls need precisely as much attention and care as the interior ones. Home décor experts are of the view that outdoor dining areas and patios always look more attractive and welcoming if they have some sort of an eye-catching décor on them. So let’s explore a few ways through which you can utilize the outdoor wall décor to enhance the beauty of your home and your outdoors.

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Wood Wall Decor

An attractive outdoor wall decoration can be anything. You can hang a big painting or make a vertical garden, but a wooden wall featuring exotic textures is something special and it may even hold a meaning for the owners. It totally depends on tastes and can even be made using old wood salvaged from your previous interior renovations. If you have an outdoor patio, it is sure to complement its general outlook. If you are adorning your outdoor dining space with a wooden wall, it will make things really cozy there.

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Rustic Brickwork Wall

A wooden wall may give away in places experiencing serious weather conditions. Here we recommend a rustic brickwork wall décor. Not only it’s attractive to look at and beautifies the general outlook of your outdoors, it is also strong and sturdy and with a bit of quality brick repointing it can withstand severe climatic conditions and can last several years. A brick wall is best if you have a BBQ pit in your outdoors. Nothing gets better than enjoying some juicy charcoal grilled steaks with friends, doesn’t it?

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Colorful Fence Canvas

Missing out colors in your life and want to adorn your outdoors with it? How about making a colorful fence canvas? You can actually do it yourself as it involves working with spray paint. The process is very simple actually. Initiate with a blank canvas, color it with some spray paint using several different colors, get some string and painter’s tape or maybe a chevron stencil to add some creative textures and you are all set with a brilliant colorful fence canvas. Paste it on any wall in your garden and you have an economical DIY accent wall in no time.

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Window planters

Got a green thumb and feel like recycling is fun? Well here is an inspiring idea for you. Why not turn the old planters and windows in your backyard as attractive decorations for your house’s exterior walls? If done with creativity, it may actually give the impression that the house is having functional walls if perceived from afar. For a more refined look, consider installing new window box planters made with PVC, they don’t rot or warp over time and will last for years. This décor will take some time and if you are not good with installing things, we recommend hiring a handyman for the job.

These were some of the things we had tried and tested in our outdoors and they all have been an absolute success. We recommend that you try them all out and tell us how they worked out for you.

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