Beautiful dining rooms in every style


Beautiful Dining Rooms

I’ll be honest with you, it took me awhile to find even these 6 dining rooms that really knocked my socks off.  Maybe I’m just getting pickier, or maybe beautiful dining rooms are a shortage these days?  Whatever the cause, I hope you find at least one that speaks to you, and I tried to find them in a variety of decor styles.

beautiful dining rooms

I found the above dining room to be really unusual, but I thought it merited a share.  The glass table and wood chairs is a really interesting choice.  I feel like this dining room could also double as a space to be really productive if you chose to work from home.

beautiful dining rooms

I LOVE this dining room and that it is a small intimate room dedicated purely to sitting and enjoying a meal, board game, etc.

beautiful dining rooms

I’ve been seeing settees, banquette, and other comfy seating more and more, which is nice because it means families are hopefully focusing on more time gathered around the table in each other’s company.

beautiful dining rooms beautiful dining rooms

Aren’t those chairs cool?  The round table is STUNNING too.

beautiful dining rooms

What do you think of all the mixed seating?  I like dining rooms with a lot of natural light, as I need it to feel awake in the morning.

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All images via DecorPad


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