Texas Homes: A tribute to our friends in Texas


Texas Homes

I think that unless you’ve lived through a traumatic event like Hurricane Harvey, and lost all of your possessions and maybe even your entire home, on CANNOT imagine how it feels.  I know I can’t.  I meant to do this earlier, but I wanted to publish a post featuring some beautiful Texas homes.  I believe these are all in Houston and all imagery is from Houston Lifestyles & Homes

houston homes

I adore this hallway and the Moroccan riad vibe.

houston homes

A GREAT play space for little ones.  We could really use this in our house!

houston homes houston homes

How stylish is this staircase?

houston homes

Americana at it’s very best.  Crafts rugs and exposed beams…

houston homes houston homes

…more from the Moroccan riad styly home.  LOVE.

All my thoughts and love is with Texas.  Please if you can help, either by volunteering recovery efforts of by donating – do so!


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