Wall Inspiration: Walls that Make A Statment


Wall Inspiration

Lately my eyes have been drawn to some great rooms that are making a statement and I am loving it! Whether they are bold, classy, or just downright elegant, it is nice to see someone take a chance and make something beautiful out of it.

This wallpaper would not be an immediate first choice for me but it definitely does make you stop and stare! Seeing it in this room really makes me love it more! If you can’t commit to a whole wall in wallpaper, consider some wall decals or smaller wall decorations from a resource like https://americansignletters.com/.


A wall of windows is always eye-catching. The bold choice of black makes it stand out even more and I think it was a great choice.


Another non traditional wall paper in a room you wouldn’t expect! Since bathrooms are small I tend to do with less is more in these areas but since the wallpaper has a lot of white space it really works here! I also like the simplicity of the color scheme.

Upholstery tacks are often seen on furniture, seeing it as a wall decor statement is something I’ve never considered.

What about painting the trim to match the walls?
via Pottery Barn

Or making a small space really pop with a graphic wallpaper?

Do you have a different idea for a wall statement?


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