Office Inspiration: Office Spaces that Stand Out


Office Inspiration

At times we can get carried away with what we want in our home office. Whether it’s tons of storage or inspiring photo’s all over the wall, it can get a little overwhelming. A simple office space leaves your mind clutter free and ready to create a new masterpiece.
These pendants are amazing! Love the light in the space too..incredible! (Remodelista's Francesca Connolly's Home - Brooklyn Interior Design):
via brit
If you are a naturally creative person, you know that most times you don’t need much to be inspired! Sometimes it’s the blank wall that makes our mind imagine what should be there so we can create it.
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Maybe the room itself doesn’t even matter. Maybe your view outside the window is what you need to get your brain moving.
Stick to the basic necessities. A chair, a table, a plant, a light, and a calendar may be all you really need.
Great desk. Rue Magazine (February 2012 Issue). Photography by Sean Dagen. Design by Serena Armstrong.:
via ruemag
You  may be surprised that living with less actually keeps you focused and gives your room to grow.


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