Beautiful Staircases: Inspiration for an overlooked area


Beautiful Staircases

Staircases aren’t usually something one thinks of when thinking “home decorating.”  I thought it might be fun to dedicate an entire post to beautiful staircases and the beauty they can add to your home.  I’ve even found some inspiration for outdoor stairs, which aren’t as popular in the states as maybe external staircases uk, or Italy, and throughout Europe.

Moreover, considering a lot of staircases open to the foyer or entrance of a home, it is well worth considering the design and aesthetics of your staircase in home decorating projects. While spiral staircases aren’t as popular in the states, I saw a lot of them while living in Spain, an unbeknownst to me you can buy staircases online!

Below I’ve posted some staircase inspiration:

beautiful staircases

How sweet is this white winding staircase?  I love the gray wide paneled floor and entry rug too. This winding staircase also adds some valuable storage space under it, great for adding a small desk or entry console for sorting mail.beautiful staircases

Wow. I would love to have built-in bookcases behind this graceful spiral staircase and a comfy seat for reading by the window. I also love the plants and lantern hanging in the center of the staircase.

beautiful staircases

Spiral staircases don’t need to be antique and old fashioned.  There are a lot of modern options for staircases available these days, as well as space-saving solutions. I love the contrast this steel spiral staircase creates against the white room.

beautiful staircases

A balcony garden with a pretty exterior spiral staircase!  This is a clever way to include more greenery in your outdoor space if it is limited.

beautiful staircases

This winding staircase is truly a work of art.  The architectural details and the care that’s been taken in creating a beautiful curve is amazing.  Everything about it is so artful.  I love the planes of white surface and the interesting windows.

beautiful staircases

Spiral staircases can really shine in lofts since they’re visible from most areas of the space. I love the eclectic mix in this loft of different furnishings and wood finishes.  The exposed beams and wood-paneled ceiling is gorgeous too!

Have you put thought into your staircase?  If so how do you have it decorated?  Is it an afterthought?  Are you lucky enough to have a staircase that had a lot of architectural details added?  We don’t have a staircase in our home – so I need to live vicariously through people who do!

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