House tours from Domino


An oldie but a goodie – a classic Domino post!

As part of my ongoing series of posts honoring our late friend Domino, I now bestow upon you some lovely house tours we all came to look forward to every month. *sigh* Enjoy.

Kathryn Ireland’s rustic style home. I love the humble bathroom, and the console in the kitchen with the dishes stowed underneath.

Actress Julianne Moore’s stab at interior decorating. I like some of the choices she made – not all my style, but still pretty. I like the piece of drift wood on the radiator.

A rebuilt green home in New Orleans.

Domino style director Dara’s lovely white bedroom.

I love Amanda Peet’s down-to-earth, bohemian home. It’s so ethereal and filled with interesting, meaningful objects. I also love that you can tell that she had a hand in it. She didn’t just hire some designer to come in and make it look like a movie star’s home.


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