We’re loving Greek Revival – see why


Of all the “fancy” styles, Greek Revival is probably my favorite.  Granted, it’s more of an architectural style than an interior decorating style.  I like that while it’s grand, it can also feel very intimate through the use of sumptuous fabrics,  furniture with gorgeous lines, and pattern.

Greek revival is also heavy on moulding, hardwood floors, and well-crafted architectural details, all of which I love.

Natural elements – the green walls and sisal and jute, mixed with formal moulding and casings, are a hallmark of Greek Revival style.
via Pinterest via Elle Decor

Love the Mediterranean blue on the walls.

Pinterest via Elle Decor

Colors in Greek Revival tend to be more neutral or washed out since Greek temples have faded interiors, but you’ll also find bright colors that are inspired by nature.

Those chartreuse drapes with the sisal rug? LOVE.
via Pinterest via Traditional Home

Notice the baseboards and the door casing – so Greek Revival. The old wide plank hardwood floors don’t hurt either!

It’s not uncommon to see painted floors in Greek Revival too, though windows are usually kept simple and drapery is ornate.  I can see why they wanted to keep these windows though!

via Veranda

Are you loving Greek Revival?


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