Beautiful Interiors (and great tips!) from Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines

I guess I’m a bit late getting on the Fixer Upper bandwagon, especially considering they will no longer be doing the show *tear* after season 4.  Even if you don’t always love their projects, Joanna Gaines is undoubtedly wildly creative and talented, and I love the little tidbits of design wisdom and inspiration I get from her.

Joanna keeps you guessing by always using unexpected materials in her renovations. Glass tile and wood counter tops?  A great solution for keeping a space warm but also clean and simple.

Updating antiques is simpler than you think.  I mean, these doors MAKE this room!  And with all the furniture restoration products and tutorials out there now, learning how is simple.

Joanna is also a big fan of mixing metals.  What really attracts my eye is the brass mixed with the wood beams.  It keeps the space from being too slick, but also too rustic.

Gray works in every space.  I couldn’t agree more!  Joanna uses gray a lot because it creates a calm and neutral backdrop, allowing your furnishings and decor to shine.

That teal rug with those aged leather chesterfields is to-die-for.

Use shiplap.  Yup, if you’re a Fixer Upper fan you are very familiar with pine panelling called shiplap.  Joanna swears by it. 
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