Small living room ideas and inspiration


Inspiring small living rooms

Most of us don’t live in vast estates, and we don’t even live in a two story home.  Just a humble rancher for us – but we love it.  That being said, living in a smaller space requires more creativity on your part to find solutions to seating, decor, and storage issues.

Strong lines that are clean and modern keep attention on the moulding and ceiling, making the room look taller.  I love the fresh color palette too.
via House

Take decor all the way to the top.  Don’t be afraid to hang artwork all the way to the ceiling.  It draws the eye up and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.
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Even if your living room is small, you can furnish it as you would a large one if you keep the furniture at a smaller scale.  Two benches serve as seating when the living room is used for conversation, and tuck under the TV console when it’s used for watching TV.
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This small living room doesn’t lack in furniture because furniture is kept small,  and the chairs and sofa have narrow arms.  The console on the back wall is also narrow and doesn’t obstruct the view of the wall, helping the room look more open.
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This small living room is cozy and inviting through the use of warm colors and layering textures.
via Domino
The illusion of height is created in this super small living room by hanging curtains at the top of the walls, and a light reflecting mirror above the door.
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