Vintage Accents in Modern Bathrooms: How a Touch of Timelessness Will Enhance Your Modern Aesthetic


Bathroom technology and design have thankfully come a long way in the last century, giving us more comfortable, utilitarian, and efficient furniture. Bulky vanities, ugly shower heads, and inefficient toilets have given way to sleek cabinets, beautiful chrome fixtures, and super efficient toilets! A fresh coat of paint and simple lighting have taken over the home decor trend by storm.

The modern bathroom is truly a high point in the history of bathroom design. But sometimes all the modern stuff just starts to feel a little too clean. Too functional. Too efficient. It makes the bathroom feel more clinical. I guess you can say that the modern bathroom sometimes can feel a bit boring.

Bathroom trends that focus on the sleek modern look are much better than we had before, but adding a touch of character with a vintage piece can be even more stunning than before. Seamlessly fusing the past and present together is a great way to create vibrant focal points in your bathroom, and if done well, can create an ambiance that is truly timeless. Just a touch of vintage can go a really long way toward perfecting your bathroom design!

An elegant, antique trim mirror against a simple white wall may be beautiful, but a rustic wood vanity will make your modern bathroom drastically warmer and more welcoming. Farm style basins perfectly offset sleek glass-and-steel shower enclosures and modern vanity cabinets. Shiny chrome accent pieces are sophisticated and a little futuristic, but paired with rich wooden wall tiles they become absolutely stunning!

What do you think? Can you imagine a great combination of vintage and modern?

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