Colorful kitchen backsplashes


When a white kitchen backsplash won’t do

I personally love a white kitchen, but I also understand that variety is the spice of life, and every now and then your home needs an element of the unexpected or a dramatic focal point that makes your kitchen special.  The colorful and/or patterned backsplashes below can serve as inspiration when choosing backsplash tile!

This floor to ceiling diamond tile is very striking but at the same time a neutral palette of gray and white keeps the kitchen from looking too busy.
via My Domaine

I really like this backsplash idea.  One singles sheet of painted glass makes the backsplash easy to clean, and creates a sleek, minimal look with the same impact as a tile backsplash.
via BHG

This Moroccan tile backsplash holds a special place in my heart.  Our trip to Morocco was one of the most memorable we’ve been on.
via My Domaine

What do you think of extending the backsplash to include a tile counter?
via My Domaine

A honed marble backsplash is an absolutely gorgeous way to mix elegant and rustic into your kitchen.
via My Domaine

Still afraid to commit to a colored backsplash or patterned tile?  Try a mosaic with neutral and/or earth tones to add just enough visual interest to get people’s attention and up the wow factor of your kitchen.
via BHG


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